The Journey has begun….

The Journey has begun….

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Clara had just popped to the toilet so I assumed it was a text from my mum wishing us a safe journey.

Instead a message flicked up from Clara, a picture message. I really didn’t think that an airports toilet was an appropriate place to be taking pictures but on opening the message I couldn’t contain my grin.

“well, I hope you washed your hands before taking the picture!”

We grabbed each other in mini celebration as other travellers gave us inquisitive side glances.

“got everything we need?” I asked. Clara patted her stomach and smiled.

“let’s hope so. Although I’m thirsty!”
So off we went to Smiths to buy one last thing before we began our baby adventure in Denmark.

After several minutes and a strange conversation with a sales advisor where he asked Clara is she meant to say she was waiting for her husband instead of her wife. We went to locate our gate.

Which is when things got really tense.

“it’s delayed!”
“it can’t be delayed we’ve booked a time slot, I’m ovulating. It can’t be delayed”
“it says delayed so I’m guessing that means its delayed”

I soon learnt it was better to think my sentences rather than say them out loud. After a quick call via Skype we relaxed a little. They would still be able to fit us in.

The flight was a blur and as soon as we landed we raced towards the taxi ranks. On arriving at the address we’d shown the taxi driver we were a little confused as it seemed as though we were in some random back street.

But we’d done our research and decided not to judge by the exterior. We were glad we didn’t as the clinic and staff were lovely.

Luckily they were running late and we were shown to an office to wait our turn.

We couldn’t help but grin like Cheshire cats. We were about to try for a baby.

“Ok, relax and lie there for about ten minutes”

I grabbed Clara’s hand and squeezed it. I was so excited. It was the most exciting and scariest thing I’d ever done up until that point.

I imagined it all happening right there, a life being created, cells dividing and multiplying. The wait before we tested was going to be excruciating.

We spent the next day in a bit of a daze. The trip was just a two day event so we tried to cram in as much as possible to take our minds off the baby. Which included eating more portions of nachos than we care to remember.

“let’s test….”

Two weeks passed and we found ourselves stood watching a clear blue test stick flash up negative.

I placed my arms round my wife as she sobbed into my shoulder

“it’s ok beautiful, the time wasn’t right. Our baby is going to be amazing and will come when it’s ready”

And it has :)

It’s an Avent Event.

It’s an Avent Event.

We were recently incredibly lucky to be invited by Philips Avent to an event they were running to talk about a new product they are launching.

This was our first event we had attended and to call us both shy would be an understatement. We arrived a little bit early as we are both a bit obsessed with getting to places on time. Though I’m sure that will go right out the window when our Lil Monkey makes its arrival.

We noticed how at ease everyone else seemed as we were offered a drink and nibbles. I think in these situations having a baby would help as you’re much more approachable than two wide eyed fresh faced women looking like they’ve just stepped into a hidden underworld.

We started to relax a bit and got talking with a lady from Avent who made us feel very comfortable. After several glasses of orange we got ushered into a small screening room to watch a PowerPoint presentation about the new Range being launched. We then got treated to a light lunch of corporate sandwiches, which was great as we were both very hungry.

After washing our sandwiches down, with yet more orange juice, we got ushered back in to the screening room to watch the new movie What To Expect When You’re expecting. A lovely touch was the popcorn they had prepared for us all.

The film was very funny and there were definite laugh out loud moments and lots of nodding in sympathy to several of the characters. It was the most interesting cinema viewing I’ve ever had. I must say I’ve never watched a movie on the screen with several babies and toddlers in the room. It certainly added to the atmosphere.

On our way out we received a fantastic free gift pack full of goodies including some products from the fab Philips Avent New Natural range. Which we will be reviewing in a separate post.

We would like to thank the lovely @simply_hayley on twitter for recommending us to Philips.

*our travel costs were reimbursed and a free gift pack with products plus lunch were provided.

Our House is our Home….

Our House is our Home….

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked by friends since we announced that there was a little miracle growing inside my wife was, “When are you going to move?” .
This question is guaranteed to get me reaching for my soap box as I try to justify our decision not to move just because we are increasing our household from two to two and a barely three.
We have lived in our home for 2 years this year and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s a one bedroom flat with enough room to fit several children, on sofas or shelves or perhaps the breakfast bar could hold two at a squish.
My point being just because we are choosing to bring an extra person in to the world we don’t need to move to accommodate an extra person sized space. We are choosing to live within our means and this means we don’t want to move.
There are other bonuses to where we live. We moved from the big smoke back in 2010 to the countryside in Dorset.
We live in a lovely cul-de-sac with lovely neighbours that watch out for us and take in parcels and actually talk to us when we pass them.
It’s a long way away from where we lived two years ago in a big built up area where our neighbours listened to techno music all day and our walls emitted a less than fragrant smell of skunk.
I can understand people’s concerns that we won’t have enough room. It is true that little people can accumulate lots of extras. Our home will end up being extra cosy.
But if my nan can bring up two energetic boisterous boys in a caravan, then my wife and I can bring a baby into the world safely to live in a 21st century all mod cons one bedroom flat.
Did friends and family expect you to move once your family started to expand?
The Spice Tailor Curry Sauces by Anjum Anand – REVIEW

The Spice Tailor Curry Sauces by Anjum Anand – REVIEW

As we recently mentioned in a previous post “Craving a Curry” Clara’s latest craving is curry. So it was perfect timing when we were contacted on twitter to review two Curry sauces by Anjum Anand.

Spice Tailor Anjum Anand curry

The two flavours we received were Original Tikka Masala & Keralan Coconut Curry from Anjum’s new Spice Tailor range. The Coconut pack contains an optional spice pack and the coconut curry sauce whilst the Tikka pack contains optional spices, a base sauce and the Tikka sauce.

Both packs come with full clear instructions on how to use the sauces and offer suggestions on which meats or vegetables to use. You can also visit her website for tips and info etc. Being a vegetarian I chose to make the Coconut curry with Quorn pieces. Clara decided to make the Tikka with chicken.

The instructions were so easy to follow. I decided not to use the extra spices as I wanted a more mellow flavour like the pack suggested. I was surprised by how the consistency of the sauce changed one is started to heat. Usually Quorn sucks the life out of any sauces due to how dry it is, but this wasn’t the case. I had plenty of sauce left to soak into my rice.

The flavour was delicious. It was mellow and had many levels, each bite seemed to share a new flavour. I would definitely buy this sauce if I wanted a nice curry. The RRP is £2.89, which I think is reasonable if buying to serve the recommended 2-3 people.

Clara’s sauce took just a few more minutes to prepare, due to the base sauce and that it was chicken. Again we were impressed by the quantity of sauce which gave the chicken a juicy flavour, even after Clara tried to over cook the chicken.
Base sauce going in.

At first Clara was surprised by how strong the flavouring was, yet it managed to refrain from being too overpowering. She thought if she were to make this in future she would add just a splash of coconut milk for her taste. The sauce was just the right consistency and not at all watery. It allowed some sauce to soak into the rice but not to saturate it. She would definitely try this again. A massive bonus was it didn’t trigger any heartburn, which other curries seem to be doing to her lately.
We both liked how easy the packets were to open, as there is nothing worse than hunting for a pair of scissors whilst cooking. Our only negative remark is about the price, for a regular week day curry it would be a bit out of our budget. But for special occasions or when friends or family are round we would buy these.
*We received both packets for free to review.
Family Bucket list

Family Bucket list

Some of our early followers may know that I (K) turned 30 in March and spent the last year of my 20’s attempting to complete a Things before I’m 30 list.

I didn’t quite manage to finish everything on my list before the big 30 struck as our lil bump started to take all my attention. I haven’t given up on it completely it’s just other things became more important.

Since getting our heads round impending parenthood, we’ve started to think about things we’d like to do as a family.

It has become our own family bucket list.

We’ve already started creating a list of adventures and experiences we’d like to have to make sure we live life to the fullest. We like to think that life is for making the most of as you don’t know how your cards will get dealt each day. Some people make the mistake of making a bucket list of things they think they want to achieve but really don’t have a passion to complete. You have to make it a list of things you want to do, they can be easy to achieve or can be things you know you have to push yourself to complete.

So here are five things from our family bucket list, I’m sure we will keep adding to it as the weeks/months/years pass. They are mostly for the future when our lil bundle is a bit older. But it’s could to have something to look forward to.

Go on a family camping trip.

Get a professional family photo taken.

Go to Disneyland.

Do some voluntary work as a family.

Have a kids make the rules day.

Have you written a bucket list? What would be top of your list?