Philips Avent’s New Natural Range – Review

Philips Avent’s New Natural Range – Review

As mentioned in our previous post “It’s an Avent Event” We were lucky to get a first glance at their new Philips Avent Natural Range.
Philips Avent
We were really surprised to discover that it had been 25 years since they had redesigned their bottles. We were both familiar with the Avent range due to C having a younger sibling she used to help feed with the classic range and myself having a niece who used Avent bottles.
The new Natural range claims to help bottle feeding more natural and suitable for parents who are breastfeeding.
Since C decided she would be giving breastfeeding a go once baby arrives we felt these bottles looked ideal for us. C suffers with a growth deficiency in one breast which resulted in several surgery attempts to correct it. This means we are unable to know if she can breastfeed from this breast or not. We decided that to help remove worries of being able to feed from one breast by expressing and combining bottle feeding with breastfeeding.
Avent have tested the bottles and have claimed that babies are more likely to accept their new teats instantly. Which puts our minds at ease slightly as we were worried if baby would take both bottle and breast.
Avent Baby Bottle
The new teats are shaped to resemble a breast and are very soft and pliable. They also have a twin valve which prevents air going back into baby’s tummy. We were also informed that they wouldn’t collapse in on themselves when sucked on. Which we noticed happened to previous teats C’s sibling used.
The bottles are slightly slimmer than previous models and feel nicer to grip, which we could see little hands holding easier.
Philips Avent Breast Pump
We also like the look of the new breast pump. It’s angled slightly different to the previous model to allow for comfort when expressing. It also has the petal shapes exhibited on the bottle teats which purpose is to massage the breast to assist in expressing. We liked this idea as we think it could help C to express from her sensitive breast.
Overall we are really impressed with the Philips Avent Natural Range. The true test will be once our baby arrives.

*we received a breast pump and two bottles for review


The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

This is fab! Thanks so much Momma of Mojo.
Momma of Mojo has given us this meme award, go check out her blog, it’s really lovely. 
This Meme award requires you to share 5 random facts about yourself and link back to the blogger who tagged you. You then have to tag 5 bloggers to do the same.
 It’s a great opportunity to share some random facts with your readers.
 So here are our facts!
K - I was once on Live & Kicking TV show, the Famous for Five minutes section. I got to dance with the cast of Fame from the West End Musical with my Guide troop.
C - I was given a moped when I was younger and the first time I got on it to ride it I rode it straight into a fence.
K - I once went to Hamley’s to be taught magic by Marvin the Magicians crew. I had to perform a magic trick for Marvin himself.
C – I completed a course in Lighting Design at Uni and Lit a show at the BAC, a professional theatre in London. It was for the Universities Postgraduate Directors Programme.
K & C – We once decided it was a good idea to go camping in Brighton in March. We ended up nearly freezing and decided to pack the tent up at 3am in the Morning and drove home.

Now all there is left is to tag the next fab folk we are giving this award to.

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*we know we’ve only tagged 3 people, but this is K typing this and I am under strict DR orders not to type too much due to my tendinitis. Cop out I know.

Why We Blog

Why We Blog

I’d love to be able to say that when we discovered we were pregnant, I turned to C and said,
“Let’s blog our experiences and change the way the world views same sex parents”
But that really isn’t how it happened. That’s not only Why We blog.
I’ve had several blogs before. They were always half ass attempts for me to keep track of things I was up to. My most recent success was my Things Before I’m 30 Blog. I say success, my idea of success was updating it once a month or more. My Things.. blog seemed to take a back seat once our world started to change.
This blog was going to be different. We were starting a family. We were about to experience things we had never experienced before.
I wanted us to share these experiences, almost to show outsiders that our experiences are not too different from theirs. Also to keep track of moments that are fleeting, moments we would want to be able to share with our family once they are all fully grown.
We were also frustrated by the lack of same sex female parent blogs in the UK. Quite often I would Google to see who was going through what we were going through and stumble across American or Canadian blogs. Which is great. We love a lot of these blogs. But it’s always nice to discover someone talking about similar issues in relation to your country and legislation’s etc.
Now I’m not saying these blogs don’t exist. They do, but we wanted there to be more visibility.
So our conversation went more like this…
“Do you think we should blog about our pregnancy?”
“So that there are more Same sex parenting blogs?”
“Do you think anyone will read it?”
“My mum might…”
So My Two Mums was born and instantly started to evolve. We soon realised our blog was not too different from other parenting blogs. I mean we had our own niche, which was great but we shared similiar issues.
We would love to make a difference on the blogging scene. But since the birth of My Two Mums our journey has proved to be so much more.
We have realised we blog because it makes us happy. We feel as though we’ve been accepted as just another couple of parent bloggers.
Practical Parenting & Me

Practical Parenting & Me

At the beginning of my pregnancy I discovered the joy of pregnancy magazines & I have been hooked ever since.

At first they weren’t really any help to me as they only concentrated on women who were 12weeks+ & I think this is an area that needs to change. Women need more support in those first 3 months, what with the morning sickness, the worry & all the countless symptoms that crop up, I think it would help greatly to read articles from other women who are going through the same thing. However, I now love them lol.

The articles that I always look forward to are the bump blogs & the birthing stories. At first I read them out of fear of having to give birth but now I have come to terms with it & am actually looking forward to my day, I read them just to be nosey.

Practical Parenting Magazine
A few months ago I saw a Tweet from @PPPMagazine asking for bump bloggers for women who were in their 2nd Trimester, so as a dedicated reader of their magazine I jumped at the chance & emailed them with our details.

Within a few hours we received a reply asking when we were free to have a chat. Kirsty & I were very happy that they wanted to feature us.

Bump Diary

If you would like to read our second trimester bump blog you can find it in the July issue of Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine.

We’d love to know what you think about pregnant magazines, do you have any favourites?

Heartbeats and Hospitals

Heartbeats and Hospitals

One thing I’ve learned about our lil monkey is how much of an attention seeker it is.

As mentioned in our previous post Bed rest & Boobs, we’ve had a few scares during this pregnancy.

For the last couple of weeks everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Monkey was proving to be very active and was contorting Clara’s stomach into all manner of shapes.

We often have tummy time at night, where I play the lil monkey one of my favourite tunes and it bounces away perfecting all the latest moves kids are making these days.

The last couple of days have been different. Clara uttered those words you don’t want to hear, “I’m concerned the baby isn’t moving much”.

My thoughts turned to what I remembered someone tweeting recently. “If you notice a change in movement, contact your midwife”.

So we did and they were great.

Within an hour we were at the maternity ward and Clara was strapped up to a monitoring device. The midwife explained that a normal heart rate was considered to be between 110 & 160 and everything looked good.

Almost as soon as the monitor was attached, that sound we are so thankful to hear started.

Our baby has the cutest little heartbeat ever, if I do say so myself.

Twenty minutes of listening to the sweetest sound and we were packed off on our way. We have no idea why the lil monkey was being so quiet. But it’s making up for it now.