Back to Work

I’ve been sitting here looking at the screen and thinking what to write about. I’ve been coming back for days now. I’ve got writers block or bloggers block haha. Tonight I’m just going to talk to you all.

I’ve been on a bit of a low recently. Monkey has been teething, which means grumpy, sore baby and on top of that he’s picked up a horrendous cold. I think we’re over the worst now and on a plus, we have a rather impressive top set of teeth to show for it. In a way I’m glad we’ve had 4 come in at once, at least they are over and done with.

I’ve also come to the decision that its time to go back to work. I have loved these past 12 months at home with my baby boy and I am luckier than most to have had so much time with him. However, we need to start saving for his future and to be completely honest, I need a little bit of adult conversation during the day.

I wish I could go back to work part-time, however in the current economic climate, I would just be working to pay the child care bill and what’s the point in that? We’ve found an amazing nursery, who my mum recommended and he’ll hopefully be going there 4 days a week & my mum will have him for 1 day. I fully support the decision of both working and stay at home mums, both are equally as emotionally and physically challenging as each other.

I’ve come to the conclusion that parenting is tough. I want to be there to watch him grow and discover new things but I also want a proper home for him and to provide him with whatever he needs. Money most certainly isn’t everything but it comes in very handy.

Back to Work

I also think that he will benefit socially from having time playing with other children, of course I’m not speaking from experience but I see the way he loves to play with the other children at Softplay and at the park. It’s going to be a tough old journey at the beginning but once we settle into a routine, I’m sure we’ll be just fine.

As I write this post I’m starting to feel like the weight is lifting a little. That is something I love about blogging. It’s a way to relieve tension, to vent or to cherish the moments that you never want to forget and I love you all for talking the time to read it. Thank you.

  • Aww hope you’re little one is feeling better soon!!
    Good luck with returning to work xx

  • Joanne Mallon

    Aw, you’ll be fine and you’ll probably both be happier for it. He’s just at the age where he’ll get a lot out of nursery. It’ll be harder for you, but he’ll have a ball. Whatever we do as parents inevitably involves some sort of compromise – that’s what makes it so hard. But if you’ve found a good nursery that you trust then that’s a great place to start from.

  • Awwww, poor Monkey. Both my children have been fans of spouting teeth in spurts, like you say, at least it gets it out of the way.
    It’s a big decision deciding the time to right to return to work, but I completely get all your reasons. I think anyone who stays at home all day with a kid appreciates the desire for adult conversation and a proper lunch break. Obviously saving money to invest in your families future is crucial, and Monkey will just love nursery.
    Big changes ahead for you all then. I hope it all goes well. x

  • You can do it. And, while I may not paint a pretty picture all the time, you can still be very happy indeed! 🙂 Proud of you for talking about it. xxx

  • It’s such a difficult decision to make – and even when you don’t have a choice it doesn’t feel any easier. You are making the very best choice for your family, and that’s all that really matters. If it helps, my Kitty has been going to nursery since she was nine months and I know for certain that she has benefitted from it, and she loves it. I try to remind myself that she’s getting the chance to do things that I can’t replicate at home, and that makes it a smidgen easier to leave her. Good luck x

  • 2aussiemammas

    With Jo just having returned to work, we’re dealing with similar feelings. There are pros and there are cons, it really came down to money for us (yuck. Stupid money) fortunately, he only goes 3 days a week as we’ve managed to each work a 4 day week! Good luck!