Group Hug

Group Hug

This month has flown by, it seems that now M can travel faster than ever before, the days are moving faster.

The bank holiday weekend just past, allowed us to enjoy a packed family weekend. It was great to experience some beautiful sunny weather.

Our weekend was spent enjoying playing in the garden with M’s new water table and ball Pool. On the Monday we all went on a family trip to Farmer Palmers.

Our Me & Mine family portrait is a shot I love for it’s spontaneity and lack of attention to it being taken.

We had spent a while in the hot garden and had popped inside for a few minutes to relax in the shade. C was laying across me in a rare moment where she actually sat down and M was eager to get in on the cuddle. C’s little brother snapped the shot for us. I’m please how it came out as it truly shows our little family unit and our love in one big group hug.



dear beautiful
  • 2aussiemammas

    Gorgeous, as usual!

  • Lauren

    I love this (I know I say that every month). I love how relaxed and natural it is xx

  • lucy at dear beautiful

    This is such a great photo. I love the facial expressions (especially the kissy face!!!) and it just really shows how close and comfortable together that you all are. x

  • Camille

    So cute!!

  • Brinabird and Son

    Awww big hugs! Tell that wife of yours to sit down more often :)

  • Shay

    A lovely photo of you all, definitely one to treasure :) x

  • Karen

    Gorgeous x

  • Capture by Lucy

    Ahhhh I love this!

  • Franglaise Mummy

    This is such a gorgeous photo!!

  • Charlotte

    So lovely! x

  • Chloe

    Ah, it’s a lovely photo. A lot of the time, I find my favourite photos are the ones where we ignored the camera altogether.