Like a kid in a toy shop

We've been so busy lately, the time we've had to play with M seems to pass so quickly. We're preparing to move house, so it's box town in our room at the moment. M was starting to suffer with cabin fever after being unwell for the last few weeks. So we decided to escape the house this weekend.

What started to as a treat meal at Pizza Hut, turned into an exciting visit to Toys R Us. It was every child idea of the perfect day. We coloured in whilst we waited for our pizza, we giggled as we shared our garlic bread and then we ran around the food plaza, to burn off some energy.

A short trip in the car, took us to Toys R Us. We cuddled teddies, raced around on tractors and picked our imaginary wish list for Santa. It really was the perfect day.


Like a kid in a toy shop








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  • Charlotte

    We had a fab day in Toys R Us last week. We had nipped in for a few bits and ended up in there for ages as Bob fell in live with the cars. 🙂 x

  • Lucy

    Ahhh, it’s lovely how much fun kids (and their parents) can have on the simplest of outings. The toys shop is always a fun way to spend a day. But then my kids adore a trip to the supermarket…..!
    Looks like a lovely day. And I love C and M’s matching expressions watching the phone. X

  • Cariemay

    Sounds like baby heaven! I love the picture with the giant teddy, it looks at least twice his size but he’s not letting that stop him – smart boy!

  • Ahh it sounds perfect. I love it at that age as it’s still just a fun day out and not an opportunity to insist on buying them everything! x

  • mummydaddyme

    I used to love spending time in Toys R Us a kid. I remember being SO excited to go in the doors. These are lovely photos, and it is definitely the simplest days out that end up being the nicest. x

  • caro_mad

    Aww M and the massive teddy bear, that’s just adorable. I love running around the aisles in Toys R Us and writing my virtual Christmas list 🙂

  • Sarah @apartyofseven

    aw lovely day. my kids love toy r us a little too much!! 🙂

  • awwww, beautiful photos as always! It does sound like a really wonderful day

  • Lauren_W

    Aren’t these the perfect days sometimes? Simple plans that evolve into something fun.
    I love these photos, especially the watching Youtube one and the one of M with the teddy. Was he allowed to take it home? xx

  • sabrina montagnoli

    He has the cutest pout. What a lovely picture of him on the tractor.