Me & Mine – A Family Portrait Project – February

This month has been a crazy month. M learned to pull himself up to standing, we’ve decided to move and C made the decision not to go back to her previous employer.

M has been much more interactive this month and it’s been great spending hours laughing and playing superman.

We think this photo reflects the family moments we’ve had this month.

a family portrait - February

  • This is SUCH a happy photo. What a brilliant smile from M! Sounds like a proper milestone month, I remember finally making that same decision about not returning to my old work – it was a massive deal after thinking about it endlessly for the previous 9 months.

  • K

    Gorgeous photo!!!!

    Where you hoping to move to?

    Glad things are going well.

  • I was going to say gorgeous photo too but now I feel like I’m copying. ;0) It really is! Love it! x

  • OH MY GIDDY AUNT look at that smile! Gorgeous!!!

  • What a lovely photo, you all look so happy. You are such a lovely family. xx

  • What a great photo. It’s so cheeky and fun. You just all look so happy to be together. X

  • M

    Gorgeous! You all look so happy…it’s beautiful!

  • that’s a very happy photo and you’re all looking in the same direction too!
    2012 was such a fine year for producing gorgeous boys …and it just gets better and better :o)

  • I think I said this last time, if not I meant to, but you all always look *so* happy.
    Well done M for pulling himself up. Clever boy! x

  • This picture MUST be framed! It captures all that is fun and joyful about being a mom (mum). 😉

  • Sam

    Cracking photos! You can’t fake genuine happiness like that. Have a lovely weekend you three x

  • Lovely photo and yay for M!! Soon he’ll be running around your living room!

  • Giggle perfection! What a gorgeous family picture!

  • Really lovely smiles what a beautiful portrait 🙂

  • Lovely photo of you all x

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