Mums Magic Tricks with Natwest – #spon

Long before I became a parent, I began to see my mums magic tricks she used to make life a little bit easier. When C and I were blessed with our little man, we started to discover our own magic tricks to help us multitask. It was interesting to see how many of our little tricks overlapped. But it was also fun creating our own.

Empty DVD cases make great travel cases for a few crayons and some paper, enough to entertain a little one during a short car ride.

Blending lots of lovely veggies in to a tasty pizza sauce will ensure your little one gets their 5 a day, no matter how fussy they are.



We were sent some fab items to try some tried and tested magic tricks. These involved using a shower curtain beneath a table, to collect paint spills. We’ll be using this trick again. Another great trick invloved an empty plastic lidded cup as a paint holder. It prevented paint going everywhere and came in very handy when M knocked the cup over.


Another great thing which helps me multitask and save time, is the Natwest mobile app. I’ve been a Natwest customer since I was 14 and a so happy that they’ve brought their banking to a smart phone. I hardly ever make it to the bank and quite often need to make payments or move money between accounts, which the Natwest app allows with ease.


I can pay friends and family members via the app, even if I don’t have their bank details. It sends a handy text via my contacts and allows me to settle up without popping to the bank to draw out cash. I can locate nearby cash machines for those moments where I find myself somewhere I’m not familiar with and I’m in need of cash. I can even request to withdraw amount from a cash machine when I leave my card at home.


It not only does lots of fancy things, it also lets me check my account amounts and recent statements, which for a busy mum on the go, is vital.It’s so easy to use, free to download from the app store, quick to set up and secured by pass-code, so no fears of your little one accidentally paying the milkman a generous bonus.

This post is sponsored in conjunction with BritMums for their #MumsMagicTricks Challenge with NatWest.

  • celebratingmums

    You have some fab tricks and love both the dvd case one and the cooking one. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part