Twitter T-Shirt – Rusks and Rebels Review

Twitter T-Shirt – Rusks and Rebels Review

A few weeks ago the lovely folks over at Rusks and Rebels allowed us to pick one of their items of clothing for review. As big fans of all their clothes, it was almost impossible to decide which item to go for but one item was just too good to pass up the opportunity of reviewing.

We just had to see Monkey in a Twitter t-shirt, seeing as we are both big twitter fans.

From the moment the parcel arrived we were impressed with the attention to detail. The package was wrapped with a personal sticker letting us know who packed our item, with some bonus sweets inside. The sweets didn’t last longer than it took to unwrap the package.

Rusks and Rebels Review -


Straight after opening the Rusks and Rebels package I wanted to get the t-shirt onto Monkey. We’d gone for a size 3-6 months, so he was a bit small for it.


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But after a few weeks he was the perfect size and once in it I couldn’t get him out of it! Or more to the fact we thought he looked so darn cute in it that we didn’t want him out of it.

He wore it during practice of his standing trick, during tummy time, whilst on the activity mat and whilst entertaining family. It’s an incredibly comfortable t-shirt and very soft. Monkey can be quite fussy about certain clothes, but didn’t grumble when wearing his Rusks and Rebels Twitter t-shirt.

Rusks and Rebels - Twitter t-Shirt


We really loved the attention to detail and quality of the t-shirt. We’ve even considered buying more in older sizes as it’s always a conversation starter when he’s wearing it. If you want to buy one you can over at Rusks and Rebels for ┬ú9


*we were sent a Rusks and Rebels t-shirt for the purposes of this post. All views are our own.

Surprise Baby Shower

Surprise Baby Shower

Yesterday we got a very nice surprise when we arrived at my Nan’s house. We were meant to be going round for lunch with my sister, niece and mum but were greeted by my two aunts and my mum’s cousin. Suddenly we were on the receiving end of an impromptu Baby Shower.
They had laid on a lovely spread including a crafty sign made specially for us.

Mums 2 be sign

The buffet was piled high with all our favourites which we just couldn’t resist and my sister baked a chocolicious cake.

We were even more surprised when my sister appeared with a clothes horse full of cute baby clothes for lil Monkey. Which then followed with so many goodies for our lil one that it’s spoilt before it has even been born.

Baby Shower Gifts

We had such a lovely day and it’s got us even more excited for our baby’s arrival in just over 5 weeks.

Baby Shower Family

Did you have a baby shower? Leave us a comment and let us know what you did at your Shower.