Time for me with Cadbury – #Cbias

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I recently got to enjoy some time to myself with Cadbury Chocolate.

For the last year our lives have been all about our little man. From the moment your child enters the world, your lives change. You don’t have time to be selfish and spend hours laying around reading books or playing computer games. Almost every moment of my day is spent thinking about our little man.

C and I have recently started to enjoy the occasional pampering night or date night. We feel it’s important to make time for each other to ensure the love we have for each other, stays fresh. Now that we are confident in our parenting duties, we have started to enjoy mini moments of time for ourselves.
C enjoys swimming and often nips out in the evenings for a little swim once M is fed. I have enjoyed picking my Kindle up for the first time in months. I love nothing more than taking 5 to catch up on my latest read with a cheeky bit of Cadbury chocolate. As a special treat I occasionally like to accompany my chocolate with a Cadbury Hot Chocolate (though I go for highlights so I can feel like I am not being too naughty).

CBias - Cadbury

I recently went on a trip to Asda to buy some Cadbury chocolate indulgence, you can check out my shopping trip photos over on Google +.

CBias - Cadbury

I used to read about a book a week before our little man came along. Now he is here I read more than a book a week, but they are usually of the board variety. The book I am reading at the moment is a Stephen King, it’s not one of his best, but it’s easy to pick up and put down whenever I have a spare moment.

The Wispa bites I bought are perfect for those little moments to yourself, although I had to stop myself from eating the whole bag. I shared my Cadbury fingers with the in laws. They are very busy people, so it was nice to give them a little something to share during their spare 5 minutes.

CBias - Cadbury

CBias - Cadbury

CBias - Cadbury

CBias - Cadbury

CBias - Cadbury

How do you like to enjoy your spare 5 minutes?

  • I am yet to try the honeycomb fingers, I bet they are amazing!
    Sounds like the perfect way to spend some free time x

  • What a naughty but nice post 😉

    Ooooops you may be too young to remember those “naughty but nice” adverts

  • Love a good hot chocolate, only for a treat though! Looks yummy

  • Yummy!! Hope you enjoyed your me time! 🙂 x

  • Love the photos of you with your mug! My faces are more “BACK OFF” when I get one 😉

  • You share your chocolate? I am coming round to your house!

  • Looks like you had a lovely bit of me time there *looks at diary to see when I can squeeze some in!*

  • I think it’s definitely important to try and enjoy a bit of ‘me’ time, it can be really illusive with kids 🙂


  • Yum!! I love Cadbury Highlights as a treat. It’s basically guilt free and they do lots of lovely flavours too.

    My youngest is at school today – her very last day of primary school ever. I can’t even believe it. Those days where five minutes alone were so precious seem so fresh and yet so long ago.

  • Oh I so want some chocolate goodies now! Those Wispa bites sounds delicious!
    Good that you’re getting some time to chill a bit too 🙂

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