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At the start of the year Lauren from Real Housewife of Suffolk and I decided we were going to start a Year Of Change Book club. One of the books I really wanted to read again this year was How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

I read the book a few years ago and found it really interesting. A lot of the information shared was common sense, but some of the tips and anedotes really struck a chord with me. So at the start of Jan, I found my well read, dog eared copy which I’d purchased in a charity shop and started reading it again with a pencil in hand ready to underline, make notes and highlight chapters.

How to win friends and influence people is referred to as one of the best selling self help books ever published, it’s sold over 15 million copies worldwide and seems to have some what of a cult following. I think I can proudly confirm I’m now a member of this cult. I know some don’t like the book and find it difficult to relate to due to how old the book is, but for me I found it talks to the part of my brain which is working on change.

How to win friends and influence people

The chapters are divided into sections with anecdotes and teachings which target different principles. At the end of the chapter you are left with a principle to think about and in my case underline and repeat to myself over and over. One of the principles affected me more than all the others. I have made sure I followed this principle as much as I could in Jan, “don’t complain, condemn or critise”. We can all be guilty of all three, if  you’re having a bad day it can be easy to moan, or tell someone they’ve done something wrong. But why make someone else feel bad just because you feel a bit crabby. Well it doesn’t take long to realise that not being negative towards people can actually make them happier around you and like you more.
principles how to win friends

I didn’t get to finish the book this month, but I have read it in full previously and know I will continue to pick it up and read further. If you wish to join our book club, we have a facebook group, just search for YOCBookclub.

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  • Lauren_W

    Like you said I think it’s great that we both felt differently about the book. The principles make sense to me, I think it’s just the way the chapters were written that ruined it for me somewhat.

  • Nell@PigeonPairandMe

    I haven’t read this but am intrigued – it sounds as though I might get something useful from it. Might just pick it up one of these days!