1 Year of Blogging

Today marks exactly 1 year of blogging since we posted our first post, Scares, Scans and Super noodles.

We started documenting our journey towards parenthood firstly to have a record of everything we went through, but also as an insight into a same sex parenting relationship.We had no idea we would discover a whole community of bloggers, great little brands and swap stories with people on the other side of the earth.

It’s been such a fantastic year and it’s certainly been an adventure. In January 2012 we were just getting started out on our blogging journey after learning of C’s pregnancy in November. We enjoyed sharing our 12 Week Scan of Monkey and talked about hearing the Best Sound in the World in February. In March C reached halfway in her pregnancy and in April we shared 5 Years in Photos to highlight how much we had both changed since we met.1 Year of Blogging - mytwomums.com

As we grew more comfortable with blogging and opening the doors to our world ever so slightly, we shared one of my favourite posts which documents an important moment in our lives in “The Journey Has Begun“. This post means a lot to me and will always remind me of the ups and downs we’ve been through on our path towards parenthood. The rest of the year seemed to fly by as we awaited the arrival of Monkey.  In July we learned we were to meet Monkey sooner than we thought when C developed Cholestastis, My Wonkey Liver explains more.

 Our gorgesous little boy arrived on 30th July 2012 

C’s favourite posts are “Birth Story – Other View – Part1 & Part2“. She loves these posts as they showed her a completely different view of her birth experience. We feel if it wasn’t for the blog we would have never compared C’s birth experience in so much detail.

In September we took Monkey for his first swim and offered advice on 5 things you should avoid saying. October was an exciting month as we got to celebrate Monkey’s first Halloween and went to the Baby Show at Earls Court, where we bought lots of goodies. In November we announced our involvement in an advertising campaign for the Urbo, Mamas & Papas pushchair and were excited to witness Monkey rolling over for the first time. In December we started weaning, enjoyed the Magic of Christmas and recapped an amazing year with some of our favourite photos.

1 Year of Blogging - mytwomums.com

We have loved sharing every moment, but it’s also given us an online diary to look back on fondly. We look forward to blogging more of our adventures this year. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our posts as much as we’ve enjoyed writing them.

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  1. lucy Reply

    Happy 1st Birthday!! yours was one of the 1st blogs i came across when i started blogging (1year tomorrow!) and ive loved following your journey from a family of 2 to a family of 3! hope this year in blogging bringas just as much fun for you all 🙂 x

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