10 things we’ve learnt in our first year as parents

Now that we've safely made it to a year of parenting, even though we have a long winding path ahead of us, we thought we'd share our 10 things we've learnt in our first year as parents.


1 – There is nothing in the world that can prepare you for becoming a parent. Owning a pet, keeping a plant alive or looking after someone else's child, doesn't come close to the reality of that first frightening moment when you get home from the hospital with your first child and look at your partner and think, “What now?!..”

2 – Be prepared to contradict yourselves. You may have the best intentions before baby is born not to co sleep, never let them watch TV or never allow them to eat cake. We reversed our views on many things as the year progressed.

3 – Go with your gut instinct. You are their parent, you will come to know the way your baby is, day in and day out. Don't let others make you doubt yourself.

4 – Sleep is a luxury. Before having a baby, 4 hours is considered a terrible nights sleep, now it's considered to be progress. For the first two weeks of M's life, C stayed awake every night as he wouldn't sleep unless she was holding him.

5 – The first time you hear your child giggle, will be one of the most amazing heartwarming moments of your life. You will then spend the next few weeks trying to make them giggle for relatives to witness.

6 – Never hold a baby who has just been fed, up in the air, over your head. You will soon wear the whole contains of the bottle in your hair.

7 – You will sniff your baby's head a lot! The new baby smell is well known, but until you hold that baby 24/7 you won't appreciate how wonderful it is.

8 – By the end of year 1, you will not be phased by being covered in your child's bodily fluids (unless you have a phobia). We've both been covered by copious amounts of all the P's.

9 – The pride you feel when your baby masters another milestone, will leave you fit to burst. Others may see it as boastful when you instagram, Facebook and tweet a picture of your baby walking. But it's really just a desire to share how proud you are.

10 – Being a parent is not always easy, but it's totally worth every moment.


What did you learn in the first year?

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  1. Lauren Reply

    These are SO true!! Such a fab list.
    Although, number 6 “in your hair or in your mouth” (that’s only happened once thank goodness!) x

  2. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Oh my gosh, that first one. So true. I think I actually said “What now?” to my husband when we got home with the little man. In fact I was in a state of disbelief that they let us take him home from the hospital. It was all so surreal.
    I think that first year as a parent is a big deal, you learn and grow as much (if not more) than the baby does. x

  3. Emily Reply

    Lovely list being a parent is so totally amazing and he will continue to teach you new stuff every day about parenting and yourselves – such a wonderful journey! xx

  4. Hayley @hayleyfromhome Reply

    So true, especially the sleep! I can’t believe how much I used to sleep before we had Lucas…when my childless friends tell me they’ve had 10 hours I shake my head in disbelief! Like you’ve said, totally worth it.

  5. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    I still remember getting home from hospital and wondering when they were going to show me what to do with this baby and hand me an instruction manual! The first year is amazing and I have now learnt that the second year is just as great!

  6. Kelly finn Reply

    Aww I adore the photos, he haven’t changed at all has he!
    I also can agree and relate to all of these, especially the being covered in all the P’s!

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