2012, Let’s celebrate the Jubilee and Olympics.

What with the Queens diamond jubilee round the corner and the London Olympics in a few weeks, it’s an incredibly memorable year to have a baby.

We are so excited that our little one’s due date is during the Olympics.

This has sent us on a patriotic spending spree. There our so many cute outfits to dress you little ones in to show off their support. So we thought we’d do a round up of some items we have purchased.

This adorable selection of sleep suits are available as a pack of 3 from Next for £14.

Sleeping for Britain baby grow is from Mothercare. Available on their website for £5.

The cute bandana bib was from EBay. There seem to be a lot of different sellers offering these type of bibs so it’s best to have a browse and see what’s on offer. The gorgeous little socks were from Primark for about £1.50.

This cute little baby grow came as part of a pack of 3 from Next. The other two colours aren’t as patriotic but are just as cute. Socks and bib as above.

We’d love to see what everyone else has been buying for the Jubilee/Olympics. Please leave a link to your post in the comments section.


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  1. mummyratesit.co.uk Reply

    Loving all the baby gros – Union Jack one from Next in particular. I can remember how exciting it is getting all the baby clothes, washing them and then folding them up in the cupboard waiting for the day that you will need to use them.
    I haven’t bought any real Jubilee themed stuff as I actually had a lot of things with Union Jacks on from the Royal Wedding last year. Today I’m typing this wearing crown earrings and a Union Jack heart-shaped ring! I have just written a post on how to copy some of Liz’s best looks though. Take a look if you fancy.
    Happy shopping and Happy Jubilee!

  2. Bex Reply

    I love the sleeping for Britain vest! We have a patriotic nappy and London bus T-shirt.

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