4-in-1 Dream Smart Trike – Review

Now that Monkey is 11 months he doesn’t always want to sit in his pushchair. He gets frustrated when we are going to the park as he knows he can walk but as our journey takes us across several roads, it wouldn’t be safe to let him walk, as he would kick and moan each time we carried him across the road.

We knew about Smart Trikes as our best friends have one for their little girl, so when we were contacted to review a 4-in1 Dream Smart Trike we gratefully accepted the offer.

Smart Trike 4 in 1

We did some research and discovered that it was suitable from ten months old and lasts up to 36 months. This is achievable due to it having 4 different modes built in. It’s kind of like a baby transformer. Once it was out of the box, it took me about 20 minutes to build. I struggled slightly with the steering column and found it hard to switch it so that M couldn’t steer us in to bushes. I also found the little bucket at the back tricky to attach. I’m still not sure I’ve attached it correctly as at the slightest touch it falls off. It can just about hold one of M’s toys before it tips off.

We have only used the Dream Smart Trike at its youngest setting. This setting has a comfy frame with a secure safety belt to hold your child in place. So far M doesn’t complain when we put the belt on, though I’m not sure how long that will last. As the youngest setting doesn’t require the use of the pedals, they stay folded and a handy foot plate springs out from the base of the frame. We have found M’s feet to clip the pedals when turning the bike round corners, but we think this is due to his big feet.

Smart Trike 4 in 1

As the parent is in full control of the bike to begin with, we were curious how true Smart Trikes’ claim was regarding their touch steering. I have walked the Dream Smart Trike to the park and back more than 15 times and I can confirm the steering is great. I can steer with one hand and not worry that it’s going to speed away from me. We live in quite a hilly area and I’ve had no problem with steering downhill. The steering handle can be adjusted to suit your height and is handy when you take the bike to the local cafe and want to slide it out of the way. I can also confirm the break works very well too.

Smart Trike 4 in 1

The Dream Smart Trike comes with a cup holder and a toy phone. Monkey adores the phone and starts running up virtual bills as soon as his little bottom touches the bike saddle. Just don’t try and take the phone off him, he will have your hand off. Sadly the cup holder doesn’t fit any of Monkey’s bottles or cups but it does hold Mummy’s coke bottle for her.

Smart Trike 4 in 1

The youngest setting also comes with a sun canopy, it’s does it’s job in keeping the sun of your little ones head, although it becomes useless if it’s windy as its very light and if the wind catches it underneath it flips it upwards.

Since we’ve had the Smart Trike, it’s made walks to the park more manageable, trips to the shops more fun and evenings in the garden into mini race nights. It really is a joy to watch M get excited about a ride on his bike.

It retails at £99 which is a little on the pricey side, but not when you work out how long it will last. It would make a great Birthday present.

*We were sent a Dream Smart Trike for free to review for this post, all views and opinions are our own.


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  1. Lauren Reply

    Brilliant honest review.
    We have a Smart Trike (not this one) which Father Christmas bought Charles in 2009 and we struggle with switching it from ‘parent driven mode’ to ‘pedal mode’.
    I like the updated strap and harness to secure the child in. Ours didn’t have that and the boys were/are always able to escape 🙂 x

  2. Charlotte - Write Like No One's Watching Reply

    We have something similar but I think it’s called an Argo or something? Same price, but after a trial at Toys ‘R’ Us, we plumped for that one, mainly because we loved that it was red. I think they are cracking pieces of equipment – W loves his and is constantly going up to it and trying to get on. I love how cool M looks there, just cruising! xxx

  3. Narelle Reply

    How on earth did you activate the parent steering? I have been poking and prodding the trike for days now and cant get it to work!!!

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