5 things to try at Camp Bestival

The sleeping bags are drying in the garden, the tent has been aired and packed away and the washing bin is nearly empty, but our memories of Camp Bestival 2018 are going to last a lifetime! This year was certainly eventful in many ways, but possibly included some of our favourite ever moments at Camp Bestival.

As Camp Bestival prepares to launch next years tickets with a 72 hour pre-sale, with adult weekend tickets available to buy for the amazing price of £150, you might be wondering why you should buy tickets to the best family festival in the UK. So we thought we would share 5 things to try at Camp Bestival that will hopefully convince you to get yourself down to Lulworth in 2019.

Camp in General Camping

I know people love their luxuries and comforts. Talk of showers and posh loos fill the forums in the run up to Camp Bestival. But for 4 out of 5 of our Camp Bestivals we have found General Camping to be so much fun with ample loos and even showers, if you are willing to rise at the crack of dawn to queue. There is something special about setting up your own little village for the weekend, getting to know your neighbours, locating the best loos and discovering which food stalls on the camp site sell the best cheese toastie (it’s always been the Smokey Tentacles tent). There is plenty of space for everyone and you can park as close or far away from the action as you wish. Each year our experience in General Camping has been different, but it’s always brought fun and new memories.

Dress up

Camp Bestival is a great event to pop your fancy dress cherry. Each year Camp Bestival announce a theme and organise a fancy dress parade and a pimp your wagon competition. This year their theme was ‘Setting sail’, so we went down the Pirates and Sailors theme with our costumes. But the costumes you will see will wow you completely. We saw jelly fish, sharks, Ursula from the little mermaid, fishermen in full waders, Sea anemones and baby lobsters. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your costume and they have a fab stall there in case you forget to bring it. But the spirit involved when you leave the tent dressed up is a great feeling.

Get to the front of the stage

Be it the Castle stage, Big Top, Bollywood tent or Greatest tent on Earth, take the time to get to the front of the stage for at least one act. It will be an unforgettable experience. Last year I made it to the front of the Castle Stage to see All Saints, which I will never ever forget. This year I took M to the front of the Big Top to watch Andy and the Oddsocks. We sang every song, danced our hearts out and smiled so much. It was hopefully something he will remember for a while.

Make something you can take home

For the last few years we have been taking M to the Spinney Hollow to make something he can take home and keep forever. Last year he made a sword on his birthday, whilst this year he learned wand smithing and took home a gorgeous wand. It’s a great experience for your child and you get to watch them taking part in something they possibly would never have had the opportunity to do in an ordinary day to day setting. The folk at Spinney Hollow are great, don’t patronise the children and let them get their hands dirty with the biggest tools available.

Stay up late and rave it up

Even if it’s just for one night, get your family to the Castle Stage or the Big Top as the sun goes down. Crack out the glow sticks and rave it up whilst you sing out loud. It’s a great feeling knowing you can dance as much as you want and nobody really cares as they are all dancing too. I’m a terrible singer, but  you won’t stop me singing my heart out to those on stage.

Have you been to Camp Bestival? What are you must do activities?

To take advantage of Camp Bestival pre-sale prices, head to the Camp Bestival website and sign up to the mailing list to receive your access code.

As official crew for Camp Bestival we received our family ticket in exchange for our honest opinions of the event.

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  1. Kara Reply

    Love love love. Every year you make me want to go more.
    This year the kids loved watching your stories and have begged us to go next year.

    We are starting the save as we would have no choice but would need to do a campervan with super G so fingers crossed we can make it happen.

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