A beach day to remember

January 20th would have been my Nan’s 83rd birthday. Sadly 2 years ago she was taken too soon and there isn’t a day which passes where I don’t think of her. My niece suggested that we all head to the woodland burial where she is remembered, to take her and my grandfather some flowers. It was a lovely suggestion and once we’d placed flowers we all headed to a local beach to enjoy some family time in her memory.

It was the perfect beach day to remember her. M scooted along the coast, we skipped stones across the water and we thought of fond memories where we were all together, grandparents taking us to the beach.

beach grin

beach milford on sea

beach stones

beach stone skipping

beach tall

beach rocks

beach kite

beach hat

beach and a spade

My nan made such an impression on me, possibly more than she ever realised. She could cook up the best fairy cakes I’ve ever eaten and serve up the best roast dinner with homemade gravy on a Sunday. I never imagined her not being there because, well she is someone I always felt would just go on and on. But I’m lucky her memory will always go on and on. Whenever I walk into my house and Clara’s been cooking fairy cakes, or when I see someone walking Westies, I smile and remember my little nan. I love you nan, I hope they’ve got a great library where you are, one day we’ll share our books again.

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  1. Alice & Amelia Reply

    Sorry about your Nan but glad you got a lovely family day out in honour of her. Beautiful photos! I think you love the beach just as much as we do!:) – sorry if this comment pops up twice x

  2. More Than Words Reply

    What a lovely day. I have no doubt that Nan was there with you with a big smile on her face all afternoon. 🙂

  3. Donna Wishart Reply

    Anniversaries are always hard. Looks like you spent the day in such a lovely way. Thinking of you x

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    A beautiful video from a lovely day, the music fits the mood so well. How perfect on days like this to have the joy of Monkey with you, his smile and sense of fun must be infectious. I’m sure Nan was watching over you all. Thank you for sharing this special day with me on #CountryKids

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