A day with the boy

It’s not too common for M and I to spend an entire day on our own. With working full time, any weekends are spent as a family making the most of all our time with our little dude. But last month I was able to take advantage of a day off with my little dude, so we spent it in style.

M is at that great age where questions are followed by more questions, everything is amazing and learning about the world around us is mind blowing. I let M pick where he wanted to visit and he chose Bournemouth Aquarium as he wanted to see a jelly fish. I really love how his memory is able to remember details from so long ago. He visited the aquarium well over a year ago and was able to recall a jelly fish, which he wanted to see again.

boy day

As we were going to be within a stones throw of the beach, it was vital that we packed a bucket and spade for important digging missions. Once at the aquarium, M proceeded to drag me round at neck breaking speed so that we could go for lunch. I think he was concerned that the longer we spent watching fishes, the less time we would have for food. Soon we were heading through the park to Zizzi’s to enjoy a lovely lunch together.

boy day fairground

Our server was lovely and took M to watch his pizza go in the oven and offered balloons, crayons and even let him operate the card terminal when we paid. My meal was delicious and M was so lovely whilst we ate, sitting very well at the table and smiling at those around us.

boy day horse

On our way back to the beach M spotted a merry go round and asked if he could ride it. I said of course and went up to pay, I then noticed he was too short to ride on his own, so we both hopped on our horses and laughed as we raced each other.

We eventually made it to the beach for some digging, which didn’t last as long as we hoped as we were soon jumping back in the car to fetch C from work. It really was a lovely day and has shown me the importance of making the most of the days we spend together. Our little man is changing so fast and I really can’t wait to see the man he will become, but I also want to cherish the boy before me.

boy day wall

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  1. Colette B Reply

    Time spent together is so precious isn’t it. I’m looking forward to the summer holidays & lots of adventures with my little gang!

  2. Goblin Child Reply

    This is so beautifully documented. The words, the images – everything. Really gorgeous. x

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    This is lovely, and what a lovely day to spend together. M is getting so big! x

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