A delayed Boxing Day

As I said in my Christmas Day post, I fell ill on the evening of Christmas Day, so our Boxing day got delayed. Not wishing to disappoint my family or M, we decided to host a replacement Boxing Day at our house.

Since we moved into our new home, Clara has been cooking up a storm. It’s been great to have all our kitchen appliances back out of storage and Clara had been making use of our Fast Slow Pro again.  Clara decided to use the slow cooker function to cook a delicious ham, which she glazed with mustard and honey after 6 hours in the Fast Slow Pro. It was pretty epic and will be shared in a future post.

boxing day fun

When my parents arrived they handed a giant sack of presents to M and enjoyed watching his glee as he discovered what wonderful toys they bought him. Hungry Hippos was a huge hit as well as a rather cool spaceman suit.

presents boxing day

spaceman boxing day

This year M has really got into dressing up, which has meant we have attempted to build up his costume box quite quickly. Previously M hated dressing up so we never bought him costumes or masks as he wouldn’t wear them. Thanks to Christmas gifts he now has a nice collection of costumes to play in.

grandpa boxing day

dino fan boxing day

Pokemon was another huge hit this Christmas with M getting new PJs, t-shirts and a Pikachu costume. I loved seeing M grin each time he unwrapped another Pokemon themed item.

boxing day pokemon

For the last few months I have been trying my hardest to let others capture me on my camera. M took this photo of me at the dinner table. It made him giggle and to be honest I thought he captured my good side.

boxing day smiles

family boxing day

I love this last photo as M took it. He is really getting in to taking pictures lately. So I love handing him my camera to take some shots without me needing to help him.

Boxing day dinner

What did you do on Boxing Day, or your version of Boxing Day?

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    He’s a smashing photograph – clearly your brainwashing has worked! And I love the spaceman costume, he looks so happy in it 🙂

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