A Disney Experiment

Being a bit of a science and psychology geek, Baking our own little person has given me the opportunity to put some studies I’ve read to the test.

Now before you get all worried about me turning our child into a science experiment in some study lab, that’s definitely not the case. Although I’ve always wanted my own lab coat.

One particular study piqued my interest, this was the study of children recognising music played to them whilst they were in the womb.

If like me, you have lots of apps and books about pregnancy. You will note that not one form of information can agree on when a baby can first start to hear. Some say 14 weeks, some 16 and some 20.

I decided to cover all bases and started playing music to Lil Button at about 13 weeks. I chose a specific song to use from the Disney film Dumbo. I wanted it to be a song that wouldn’t make our ears bleed by week 36, although I’m sure Clara is ready to string me up after just 3 weeks.

I’m curious to discover, as studies have reported, wether our baby shows signs of recognition once this particular song is played. I have spoken to several friends who have confirmed that a song they played when their baby was just a wee bump, comforts and even sends them off to sleep.

So surely several weeks of me annoying Clara with the tune is worth the moments of silence once baby is here and is comforted by the familiar sounds.

I will have to remember to let you know if my experiment works in 5 months.

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  1. Mondays with Mac Reply

    I was driving one day during my pregnancy and the song “whip my hair” by Willow Smith came on. Mac started kicking up a storm. After that anytime somebody wanted to feel him kick I just had to play that song. I wasn’t sure if he loved or hated it. We played it for him after birth though and he had no reaction.

  2. Kayla Reply

    Oh my goodness, you’re playing little Button “Baby of Mine”?? That song would just make me weep! Poor little Dumbo. 🙁 Beautiful song, though! I’ll be interested to see if he or she responds after birth!

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