A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

Both C and I have fond memories of Cornwall. I spent a holiday there with a best friend of mine and C and I celebrated our honeymoon in St Ives. It’s such a beautiful part of the UK, with gorgeous beaches, stunning views and lots to see and do. Last weekend we were asked to visit Trevella Park in Crantock, Cornwall, to experience their 5* Holiday Park.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

On arrival to the site we were so impressed with the size of the park. There were glamping tents, with cookers and toasters, pitching sites for regular tents, caravans and mobile homes. As this was M’s first holiday, we opted for comfort and decided to stay in a mobile home.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, CornwallA family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

As we unloaded our car into our two bedroom home, C noticed a lot of cigarette butts around the stairs in to the home. We were concerned we wouldn’t be able to let M play on the grass, in case he picked one up. C spoke to reception and in less than 10 minutes we were moved to a 3 bedroom home around the corner in a quieter part of the park. We had a walk round the home and were satisfied that we would be able to let M walk around without fear of him picking up anything he shouldn’t.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

We were impressed with how much there was to see and do at the Holiday Park. One of the evenings I walked round the whole park to check out what was on offer. They have two man made lakes you can fish in, these were gorgeous to walk round as the sun was setting. We had hoped to have had a game of crazy golf, but with just 4 days to fit everything in, we didn’t have time in the end.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

On site there are washing machines and tumble dryers, a restaurant, pets corner with Ollie the Owl, a heated outdoor swimming pool, two playgrounds and a small shop with food, drinks and camping accessories. We managed to make use of almost everything on offer, apart from the washing machines etc. if we had been staying for longer it would have been handy to wash our swimming bits.

We found the mobile home to be more spacious than we imagined. The living area and kitchen had amble room for just the three of us. There was plenty of storage and enough appliances to be able to cook yourself healthy homemade meals each night. The television was a nice bonus, as even though we were on holiday, it was nice to be able to put Cbeebies on for the bedtime hour for Monkey.

We were a bit concerned that we couldn’t fit M’s travel cot in any of the bedrooms and it wasn’t until we asked at the end of our stay, that we found out they remove a bed in one of the rooms to accommodate the cot. So make sure you let them know in advance of your stay and they will ensure there is room.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

Our bed wasn’t the most comfortable of beds and felt very small once all three of us were in it. But to be honest we didn’t expect kingsize beds in a mobile home. The linen that was provided was very fresh and clean and comfortable.

We were so lucky with the weather this weekend. The sun couldn’t have shined more if it had tried, which made visits to the outdoors pool so much fun. When we first read about the pool, we weren’t sure how heated it would be. But it was so lovely and warm, which was great for M. There was a main pool and a toddler sized pool. M loved walking around the toddler pool and the bonus with the main pool was that we could stand up in the deep end.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

During our stay we were lucky enough to sample a Ranger session, these will be offered during the school holidays. It’s the first year they have run anything like this and they are not quite certain of age groups etc, but we sampled bug catching, butterfly watching, pond dipping and got to see field voles caught in humane traps before being released. We felt 3 and up would be a perfect age to enjoy these activities. M slept through half of the session, but C and I enjoyed getting involved. We felt it was such a good idea to keep the children busy on site and the ranger really knew his stuff. There wasn’t a butterfly or bug he couldn’t name.

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

A family adventure at Trevella Park, Cornwall

On the third day of our stay we sampled the restaurants offerings. In the morning we both had cooked breakfasts and in the evening C had the meat lasagne and I had the veggie one. The food was piping hot and cooked to order. I wouldn’t say it was Michelin star quality, but it was nice and tasty and wasn’t very expensive.

During our stay we visited Newquay aquarium and Crantock beach, which we will write about in future posts. Overall we had such a fantastic holiday, the surroundings were beautiful and relaxing and we enjoyed spending some important family time together. It’s certainly somewhere we plan to return to in the future.

*We were provided with the stay at Trevella Park, free of charge. We also received a press pass which allowed us free entry into Newquay aquarium. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Lauren Reply

    It sounds like you had a great holiday. I’m glad they quickly addressed the cigarette butt issue, that would make me complain too.
    Really great HONEST review.
    And the photos are absolutely amazing xx

  2. Kelly finn Reply

    It sounds fantastic, and as always from you a very honest review.

  3. Mum2BabyInsomniac Reply

    We reviewed a caravan holiday this weekend but had to leave after one night as the cot don’t fit in our bedroom. Jobey is only 3 months so he had to come in the main bed with me and Dad2BabyInsomniac had to go in a tiny bed in Iyla’s room which he kept falling out of as it was so small! I think these places probably need to make it clear that cots don’t fit in bedrooms when people book. In our case there was no way we could have moved any furniture to make it fit! We did realise that caravans weren’t for us, the lack of dishwasher and Hoover made it less of a holiday and more like hard work!! X

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Looks like a great weekend, and the sunshine makes all the difference. We had similar concerns at our recent caravan stay but luckily Mr E managed to move our bed round so we could fit the travel cot in. It meant we were sleeping with a shelf on our feet but it was worth it to have her next to us! x

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