A fizzy 1st party with Sodastream – Review

Everyone knows that when you throw a party, it's always nice to celebrate with a bit of fizz. So when were received a Source Sodastream to review, both C and I quickly revisited our childhood to complete our dreams of one day owning a Sodastream.

M's party was a space party theme, so we were pleased to see that the Source had a futuristic look to it. It also fitted in well with our red and blue colour scheme. At £129.99 this sodastream drinksmaker doesn't come cheap, but it has a luxury look to it and is certainly worth the money. For us the Sodastream is more of a celebrations or party accessory, as once you start adding up the cost of flavours and replacement gas you can soon be paying a lot. But it really was a focus point at M's party and I can see us using it at every other party we throw.

The Source sodastream is super easy to use and comes with a flavour samples pack, which was great as we wanted to try it out as soon as it arrived in the post. We decided to go with two main flavours for M's party, which were Cherry and Lemon/Lime. We purchased these from Asda at £3 each, which we thought was really reasonable as they kept everyone in drinks for the party and we still have lots left. Cherry proved to be the favourite amongst M's party guests, it was also my favourite too, it tastes just like cherryade.

Lots of our guests enjoyed making their own drinks, the excitement of adding gas to tap water doesn't seem to fade. We only had one accident, when someone added their flavouring a little too quickly, which caused it to fizz over the table. But apart from that, it was a good ice breaker and was nice and refreshing to just be able to go over to the tap to fill up when the drinks were low.


A Sodastream may seem like a novelty to some, but we really enjoyed having it at M's party. I have already started a list of other flavours I want to try and I really want to get my hands on some of the cocktail flavours.

*We were kindly sent a Sodastream to provide drinks at M's party. All views and opinions are our own.


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  1. Caroline Reply

    Love the pics. .I was bought a sodastream last year and I was so excited as I always wanted one.. I still get a kick out of that gas fizzing noise! My big kids think I’m very easily pleased. So I understand your excitement. X

  2. Emily Reply

    I LOVE ours!! It is a novelty but with the hot weather it’s kept my thirst so well quenched I wonder how I managed without it – I’m a big kid when it comes to not usually drinking tap water and love the novelty of fizzing! The variety of drinks we now offer every visitor to our home now is silly 😉 xx

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