“A Lame Excuse”

Okay here comes a rant.

I’m so sick and tired of people, who don’t have children passing judgement on the women who can’t breast feed. As I have previously blogged, I currently combination feed Monkey. It’s going really well but do I wish I could solely breast feed? Of course I do but I don’t produce enough milk and it was a case of my little man getting really poorly due to his jaundice or giving him a bottle of formula. I chose my Monkey’s well being.

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My midwives weren’t supportive of my decision at all and put me down when I suggested bottle feeding to the point where I was in tears. That was until it was suggested by our paediatrician as he just wasn’t getting better quick enough. They should have been more sympathetic, regardless if that’s against their training. Every mother is different. If I didn’t have K with me to help me and encourage me they probably would have turned me into a mess of a person.

I hear and read a lot of stories, where health professionals who haven’t tried to latch a baby on to their breast at 4am after going through a 20+ hour labour, moaning about women saying its a “lame excuse”. All I can say is let’s hope they don’t have any problems when it’s their turn.

What I’m going to end with is, go with your gut instinct and don’t let anyone put you down for any decision you make for your child. They aren’t living your life. I know breast milk is so much better but sometimes that is just not an option.

Rant over.

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  1. Kate Reply

    My sis is going through the same thing but thankfully the midwife isn’t AS bad bit apparently has “a look” when formula is mentioned. She’s also getting “a look” from her boyfriend!!

    Most of the time, Nephew has 20 minutes on each boob (hungry boy) before the milk stops which means she has to give him formula as he is STILL hungry. He’s also having to catch up as during the first 2 days he did eat much as be wasn’t latching on.

    I can’t comment but certainly from what my sis is going through, I would say do whatever makes you comfortable AND what gets monkey full.

  2. Laura Reply

    It’s a shame that you feel judged by people for what you do. I don’t believe it is anyone’s right to judge any other person’s choices (provided of course they are legal and ethical).

    Interestingly, I had the opposite experience with the midwives in the hospital I was in. I was very keen to breast feed, although I was sceptical about my body’s ability to do so as I just wasn’t sure if it was really possible to breast feed twins exclusively. When the twins were a tiny bit jaundiced on Day 3, the midwives were very keen to suggest we top up with formula. Equally, when the babies had lost too much weight on their Day 5 weigh in, the midwives and doctors quickly put together a feeding plan involving only very short bursts of breast feeding followed by formula.

    My problem was that my milk didn’t actually come in until Day 7, so up until that point the babies had only had colostrum. Obviously it was important to make sure they were healthy and didn’t lose too much weight and the hospital staff were very quick to endorse formula when they felt it was really needed.

    Thankfully we only had to follow the feeding plan for a couple of days because once it became apparent my milk had come in – which I encouraged by trying to pump as often as possible and breast feeding for longer than the feeding plan recommended, despite being so tired and feeling a little like a dairy cow – I was told we could abandon the feeding plan, which was a real relief as otherwise my boobs might have got used to the lesser demand from the feeding plan and therefore I could have damaged my supply.

    Thankfully both twins feed well and my body is still producing lots if milk. I feel very fortunate that I am able to breast feed – though don’t get me wrong, it’s not exclusive as the twins have a bottle each at night. Breast feeding is hard work but it’s so rewarding.

    I hope that the experiences you’ve had are not indicative of a general opinion. Most midwives and health visitors I’ve encountered say any breast milk is better than none.

    • Mytwomums Reply

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience.

      Since writing this post I’ve realised it may have come across slightly as a sweeping generalisation and that wasn’t my intention. I had a lot of lovely people who supported me at hospital and a very small minority who didn’t. It was just unfortunate that someone I cared about chose to pass judgement on me whilst I was feeling vulnerable which is what inspired this rant.

      I fully support the opinion that any breast milk is better than none as that’s all I can offer. I think midwives and health visitors work very hard and the majority are supportive. I just know next time I can speak up more about my choices as I now know what my body can offer. I recognise how lucky I am to be able to offer some Breast Milk even though I always thought I may struggle due to a growth problem in one breast.

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