A Little Grey Sock

When Monkey was only 3 weeks old I had to return to work. It was incredibly hard, not only due to the fact that I was tired from all the sleep less nights but also because I missed seeing his little face all day.

I’d been by his side almost every day for three weeks, apart from the times I had to leave him at the hospital with C. Suddenly I was expected to go to work and miss out on all the little things he got up to during the day.

I found myself worrying I’d miss the first time he did anything. I made sure C knew she had to try and document everything he did that I hadn’t seen him do, just so I could share in the moments.

Each day I closed the front door as I set of for work I was convinced he’d suddenly start rolling round the front room or giggling for his Mummy. Luckily I’ve managed to catch a few firsts in action. By pure fluke or perhaps he knows how much it means to me to witness them.

But still I felt a real loss each day at work. Until a few weeks ago.

I placed my hand in my back pocket of my work trousers, I have no idea why as I never use my back pockets and pulled out a small grey sock. There in my back pocket was possibly the left or more likely the right sock from my little boys foot.

Little Grey Sock - mytwomums.com

It instantly brought a smile to my face. I had no idea how it got there and why there was only one if I’d put it there when removing his socks but it made me feel like it was a little piece of him there with me.

Everyday since I found it I have made sure I have it safely in my back pocket so that at any point during the day I can get it out and smile at the fact a small grey sock helps me feel closer to my little boy.

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