A little grumpy

Recently M has been going through a big developmental and physical growth spurt. He’s trying to speak, but hasn’t quite grasped too many words yet and can get quite frustrated when our attempt to understand him turns in to a game of charades.

To top it all off he’s still teething, I feel like he’s been in a constant state of teething since he was 6 weeks old. All of this can lead to a very grumpy Monkey.

Boy does he let us know when he’s in a grump, he moans, throws toys, strops around and stamps his feet. It’s hard to believe he’s only one sometimes.

As many will know, I like to take a picture or too and not just of the happy moments or of smiles. I like to capture memories or the ordinary moments, as Katie from Mummy Daddy & Me refers to with her new Linky.

This Picture of M was taken on C’s birthday. He was a bit of a grump, but he’s still beautiful and melts my heart with his frown and pouty lips. He’s not got a big grin on his face, but he’s still the adorable little boy we love so much that makes us laugh every single day.

Ordinary Moments

Why not join in and share your ordinary moments.

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  1. Notmyyearoff Reply

    That’s such a cute pout, he is lovely. Teething is horrible and it feels forever. I realised this week that Z is starting to teeth again with his molars.

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Oh I love this post, and I think we have talked about it before, about how actually we will probably like to look back on the grumps just as much as the smiles. Even with a bit of a grump on he is still the most gorgeous boy. Look at his eyes! And I know the feeling with teething, I have two here grumpy cause of it. I think unfortunately LL is going to be a child that really suffers with it, when Mads didn’t hugely. x

  3. Carie Reply

    Aww he is adorable even when grumpy! I think there may be some things that I’m happy to let slide away on the memories, but toddler grumps are just cute in hindsight. When they’re all teenagers we’ll probably be wistfully longing for these days again!

  4. Aida Reply

    poor baby, Harry is going through that same faze, it breaks my heart sometimes because he is such a good boy but teething and all the learning stage drives him mad sometimes. Beautiful photo though, pouty lips and all!

  5. Lauren Reply

    I love his little pout. He’s so handsome.
    I hope the teething calms down soon. It’s so frustrating and feels like it is neverending doesn’t it. x

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