A Little of a Lot of changes

These past few weeks have giving me more time with M, than I’ve had in over a year. I’ve got to see a little of a lot of changes he is going through.

His speech is developing every day, to the point where he seems to have a new word in his vocabulary every morning. I love the little conversations we have over breakfast or in the car. The way his says “Yes” when I ask him if he loves me, just makes me smile so big.

Physically M is growing so fast as well. He climbs so fast and so high, that I’m started to wonder if his nickname is being taken a bit too literally. I know almost every child goes through a climbing phase, but a part of me wonders if his climbing is more of a hint of his exploring adventurous side, than just a phase.

Whilst we were on holiday our little man received a lot of attention. The people we met in Tenerife were very friendly towards M and quite often spoke to him in Spanish or tried to make him smile. Only then did I see our baby boy, our little dude who still looks for his Mama and Mummy to reassure him.

A little of a lot of changes

This photo was taken on the beach, just a snap of our little dude running down the wooden deck to the Stoney sand. He’d just been offered a bucket and spade by a very kind tourist who was on the beach with his grandchildren.

M clung to my leg as this gentleman softly spoke to him in German, whilst gesticulating how to use the bucket and spade. Monkey shrunk back against me as we thanked the guy for the offer. We coaxed M further up the beach and suddenly he was our little adventurer again, picking up the stones and squeezing them beneath his little fingers.

I love this funny, climbing, jumping, squealing little guy and I love his shy, cuddly side too.

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  1. mylittledreamworld1 Reply

    Lovely post – we have the same with our daughter – at home bold, noisy and bossy but with people she doesn’t know quiet, wary and polite. I love seeing her vulnerable side at times xxx

  2. sabrina montagnoli Reply

    He sounds like he is growing up to be quite the young man! My wee man is the same with his shyness and also his noisy can’t keep still side.

  3. Lauren Reply

    It’s funny because just looking at your photos whilst you were away even I could see a big change in him.
    It sounds like you had wonderful bonding time together xx

  4. Cariemay Reply

    Aww, he just sounds so lovely! And it must have been amazing to have some sunshine and so much time just to chill out together (as much as you ever can chill out with little ones around!)

  5. Emma Reply

    It amazes me how they can be so loud at home and suddenly so shy when out. My eldest is now quite happy with talking to strangers when we are out as like you found in Spain, the locals here in Cyprus love to talk to a little blond haired boy!

    Popping over from Ordinary Moments

  6. Mummy of all Trades Reply

    It’s so cute how they can be running around then suddenly go so shy, little reminders of how much they need us,x

  7. Hayley Reply

    It’s cute that people were chatting to him, how could you not though with his cheeky little face?! He always looks so full of smiles x

  8. mummydaddyme Reply

    I can tell from meeting M a couple of times now that he is the type of little boy that people gravitate towards- he just has that look about him, he certainly looks very cheeky, what a gorgeous photo. I love that however confident they are, they still look to us for reassurance every now and again. x

  9. Donna Wishart Reply

    Oh he is so gorgeous – I’m not surprised he received a lot of attention on holiday! 🙂

  10. Mummy of Two + 1 Reply

    What a gorgeous photo! They grow so quickly don’t they, it is important to remember the ‘little’ moments!

  11. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    I love when Dylan is like this, he is such a confident little boy but he is still just that, a little boy too x

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