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C and I have been very conscious lately of making sure we spend valuable time together as a couple. As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® we visited our local supermarket to buy some Coca Cola and snacks to enjoy whilst spending the evening together.

 A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com

Clara’s favourite drink of all time is Coca Cola, it has to be the original red coke too! When we decided to spend the evening concentrating on just us, we thought it would be a good idea to pamper ourselves. We rarely get a spare moment alone together, let alone time to pamper. So armed with snacks and Coca Cola, which we purchased earlier from Tesco, we set about pampering ourselves.

 A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com

Now those who know me well, will know I’m not really a pampering person and to be fair neither is Clara. But with Britmums Live coming up, it’s a nice opportunity to make ourselves feel good and look great. I’ve also become slightly addicted to those face masks you peel off. It’s like peeling off lots of skin after you’ve been sunburnt. There’s something satisfaction about it.


A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com

We popped on some cheesy tunes and giggled over stupid things. It was so nice to be reconnecting as a couple. Clara looks great no matter what situation she finds herself in. I on the other hand look less than impressed when sporting my face mask. Although it did feel nice and refreshing once I’d peeled it off.


A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com

The Coke was flowing fast, we were on to the second bottle before the popcorn had even been opened. I hadn’t realised that the guacamole I’d bought had chilli in it, combined with the chilli rice crackers our snacks were quite hot. I’m glad we’d purchased two bottles.


A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com

Clara couldn’t resist the popcorn any longer, she loves the stuff almost as much as she loves Coke. She’s lucky that I’m not a fan as this allowed her the majority of the bag. We moved on to head massages and shoulder rubs. Neither of us were able to take each other seriously as we kept laughing. It was so nice to be spending time together just being the women who fell in love.


 A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com

We are thinking of setting aside a night for ourselves as a couple, at least once a month. Once all the face masks had been peeled off and the snacks had been eaten, it was nice to just sit and talk to each other. It’s important to try and find some time to concentrate on each other. When all our children are grown up and move out, C is the one I want to grow old with, laughing and sharing snacks over a face mask.


 A pampering night with Coca Cola - Cbias - mytwomums.com


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  1. liska Reply

    Fab fab fab blog post and I love all of the photos. THAT @cosmicgirlie taught you well 🙂

    Like I said on Twitter my favourite is the one with the fizz!

    Feel free to link your “me time” or in this case “we time” to my T’You’sDay linky.

    Liska xx

  2. Claire Reply

    Lovely post. I agree about needing couple time. I love the pic of the pouring coke! We enjoyed the mini glass bottles so I didn’t get that opportunity! 😉 Also love Chilli Rice Crackers!

  3. Purplemum Reply

    This is such a sweet post, you and Clara obviously have a great relationship and it’s wonderful that you are putting the time in to keep it that way.

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