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On the 1st July, Kirsty and I started on a weight-loss and well-being programme with Thinking Slimmer and are currently In our 4th week of the Slimpod Gold 12 week programme. 

Since starting the programme I have noticed a huge change in the choices I am making in regards to food intake. My portion sizes are smaller and I am making healthier choices across the entire day. Over the past year I have been using food as a distraction from issues and anxieties I have been experiencing in life. Since losing the majority of my excess weight, which is around 7 stone, I have been very hard on myself and have developed an unhealthy attitude towards my body. 

Walking Slimpod

I’m also using the programme to help me with my training for the upcoming trek across the Himalayas with CoppaFeel! this October. If you follow me on my Instagram account @claranotclara you will have seen more fitness posts going up and happy smiling person. I love my fitness and I’ve coming to realise how much I’ve missed it. I can’t wait to keep up my training and walking further and further each week. I’ve also been swimming and on the exercise bike. I’m also learning how important it is to give my body a rest and not burn out. 

Happy Slimpod

The Slimpod is now helping me to have a positive mental attitude towards my eating habits and towards my body. I won’t lie, I still struggle every day when I look at my body and how I fit into my clothes, but the anxiety is getting better and better with each day and I am not so tough on myself. It’s also helping me to talk about my worries with Kirsty when I have a particularly bad day. 

I have always been focused on the “quick fix diets” and what I love about this programme is, it’s not a diet, it’s a tool to help create healthy habits for life. The Slimpod doesn’t encourage you to jump on the scales each week, it doesn’t ask you to take measurements. It just helps you to make sensible and healthy choices, which in turn will improve health and wellbeing in the long term. 

I started this programme at 11 stone and I won’t be revealing my final weight until the end of the 12 weeks. I’ve even gone as far as giving our scales away to a charity shop to ensure we don’t keep checking in. 

We’ve only missed one night of our Slimpod as we both fell asleep before hitting play but I still felt positive about the day and the choices I made, so it really is starting to sink in and I’m only a few weeks into the programme with many days ahead of me. We also watch the videos online which talk us through some of the mental aspects of why we make choices and how we can turn these into positive thinking. 

Slimpod Headphones

I am loving the Slimpod Gold programme and I can’t wait to keep going. 

I’ll keep you all posted on a new update in a few weeks time. I’m spreading these out as I am avoiding the obsessive behaviour which the Slimpod is helping me to break. 

This post is not paid for, but a donation has been made to CoppaFeel! in exchange for a 12 week Gold Programme.

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