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Last year we were introduced to the Blend Active, which if you follow my fitness instagram, will know that I use it every week. A few weeks ago we were sent the brand new Blend-Active Pro Blender (£49.98) and asked to come up with a super summer smoothie based on our favourite Summer event. Well it wouldn’t be Summer if we didn’t celebrate Pride, so we got to work putting together a smoother that reminded us of all the fab Pride events we’d been to.

blend active pride

Our smoothie ingredients were:

8 Strawberries and a handful of raspberries

A handful of red grapes

2 Kiwis

A handful of spinach

1 Banana

100ml coconut milk

10 pistachio nuts

I started by blending the strawberries and raspberries together and was instantly impressed by the new design of the Blend Active bottle, although the bottles are 100ml smaller than the previous model’s standard size, there was ample room for a breakfast smoothie or protein shake. The new Blend Active bottles have a new non slip grip, which should come in handy if drinking at the gym or in the car and it also comes with a neoprene sleeve to keep your Blend-Active smoothie cooler for longer. This is a huge bonus for me as I love to make a smoothie before I leave for work and drink it once I arrive. I usually attempt to keep it cooler by adding more ice, but this waters down the smoothie, now I won’t need to do this.

blend active bottle

Once I had blended the smoothies I poured the result into a mason jar and blended a handful of grapes, before pouring those into the jar over the back of a spoon to attempt to layer them. Next up I blended a banana with some coconut milk and again poured this over the spoon into the jar. Finally I blended the two kiwis with the spinach before added the final touch of some ground pistachios sprinkled on top.

blend active

I was quite excited to learn of the new Blend Active feature which allowed you to ground some nuts to add to your smoothie. I love the idea of adding nuts to my smoothies and to be able to do this without using another appliance is fantastic.

blend active mason

So there we have it, our pride smoothie it did taste delicious, but as Clara pointed out, despite my best attempts it doesn’t look too attractive. Which is when I pointed out to Clara that Pride almost always got a bit messy, which is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

blend active jar

The reason behind our ingredients? Stawberries and raspberries, for all the cute and fruity looking people. Kiwis are hairy, a bit like Bears (look it up). Banana and coconut milk, because it’s a bit like a milkshake and there is plenty to shake yourself (dance) to at a Pride event. Grapes, because they make wine, which is my nod to the alcohol that gets drunk at Pride. Spinach because it’s a good source of iron and there are so many muscly men and women at pride. Finally the pistachios, because it’s ok to go a little nuts at Pride.

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