A solo trip to the Mad Blog Awards

For the last 4 years we have felt very blessed to make it to the finals of the Mad Blog Awards. Each year we enjoyed some freedom as a couple in London dressed up in our fanciest threads. Which is why this year felt very different. We made the decision that our little man would come to London with us and whilst I went to the MADS, Clara would take the little dude on a trip round London. Except school germs had their own idea and took M down with an ear infection.

So the Friday afternoon of the MADS I loaded up the car with my suit, dropped C and M at home and drove into London to stay at the Ibis Hotel in Earls Court. I was slightly out of sorts when I arrived at the hotel as I always have my partner in crime with me, but once I saw the view from my room, set up the GoPro for a time lapse of said view and jumped in the shower I was starting to feel better.

The Mad Blog Awards take place at the Royal Garden Hotel which was about a mile from my hotel, so I decided to take my first ever Uber and arrive in style. I say style, it was the smallest taxi I had ever been in, but it was comfortable and clean and uber fast (see what I did there?!)

I arrived slightly early, so after hanging around outside for a bit whilst I called Clara I headed in to overcome my shyness. I was pleased to bump into Grace and Emily who encouraged me to join them on a hunt for wine (my kind of adventure). Lots of ladies were still having their hair done, which is where I then saw Jaime, Afra and more lovely faces.

It was soon time for registration, some gambling and the wine started flowing. It was lovely to catch up with familiar faces and also meet some new people too. I was seated next to Charly, and Laura whom was a new and lovely person to meet. Dinner was amazing and was the first year I ate it all! I set up my Periscope stream and the awards began. It was lovely to see so many new faces accepting awards and also to see some of my favourites up at the podium.

Mad Blog Awards London

Mad Blog Awards entertainment

Bloggers Mad Blog Awards

We didn’t win our category, but to be honest as cliché as it sounds, I knew we wouldn’t and a very deserving winner took the award. WELL DONE EM! I had also had far too many wines to make any sense on the podium, so the audience was saved from my drivel. I got to enjoying the rest of the awards and spending time with lovely ladies who made me laugh, smile and listened to my drunk ramblings. Thanks Becky, Jaime and Lindy for being awesome all night!

Mad Blog Awards bloggers

I enjoyed dancing, chatting and pretending I had won an award with Jaime as captured below. It was quite the experience being at an event like this without my better half. But I had a great time and would like to thank Tots100 for putting on another fab Mad Blog Awards.

Mad Blog Awards winners

Watch the vlog below to see how I captured the Mad Blog Awards on our GoPro.

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  1. Jaime Oliver Reply

    aww i get rather emotional all over again reading! i am so glad you were there, flying solo isn’t as much fun but finding some friends certainly helped me 🙂

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