A Summer on the Sea

One of the best purchases to enter our home this year was a Stand Up Paddle Board. Clara was hooked from the very first moment she tried it and has encouraged us all to love it ever since.

SUP adventures
Little dude SUP

This Summer we’ve tried to get out on it as much as the weather has allowed and managed to ignite a passion for it in the little dude. I’m still being convinced, but I am certainly a convert to the activity as a Summer on the sea is ok by me.

Paddling at SUP
Relaxing SUP

We are very lucky to live close to several different locations perfectly suited for SUP adventures. Dorset is the home to so many beautiful beaches and little coastal alcoves, that are calm enough for a newbie like me to practice Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Splashing SUP

Clara uses a blow up SUP which is super easy to assemble. We usually find a parking space close to where we will be paddle boarding and she inflates the board whilst I do the admin, like paying for the car park, sorting our valuables and getting M ready.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - SUP
SUP and smiles

When paddle boarding Clara and M usually wear wet suits, as even in the sun the water can be super cold. We also take a mobile, medication, a first aid kit and Power bank, in a waterproof bag. It’s also important to tell someone where you plan to paddle from and to, just in case you get in to difficulty at any point, it is useful for someone to know where you were last.

SUP jumping
SUP Mama and M
SUP my two mums
SUP summer time

SUP paddle boarding can be expensive if you rent one each time you go. But buying your own can help make it a cheap and even free activity over time. Clara’s board cost £230, her wet suit was £15 and M’s was £10. We also bought him a life jacket for added safety in the water, which cost £20. So after around 9 trips out on it together, the activity becomes a free activity when comparing to renting a board each time. We usually pack a picnic for the day, leaving parking as the highest cost on the day.

Are you a lover of Stand Up Paddle Boarding? Where is your favourite place to enjoy a SUP adventure?

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