A tip to Studland Bay, National Trust, Dorset

Last weekend we were blessed with more beautiful weather, so Clara suggested an afternoon trip to Studland Bay, a National Trust beach in Purbeck. We usually visit Studland Bay in the Winter, so it was a nice change to experience it with the sun high in the sky.

It was a totally different experience as expected! We had no idea the beach was a popular water sports area, with paddle boards, speedy boats and banana boat rides proving popular with the hundreds of visitors on the beach. Luckily we’d arrived just before 4pm, meaning meany beach goers had already left, so we easily located a patch of sand right by the rippling waves.

Studland paddling

Big grin and swim Studland

Swimming Studland

We set our Brug down, got M into his swimming shorts and settled down in the sun to top up our tans. It’s a much calmer beach than Sandbanks, despite the water sports and attracts a very different type of beach goer. Sandbanks is much more high energy with people playing football/cricket or volleyball on the beach, where as Studland bay has calmer waters and lots of families with younger paddlers or older teens in wetsuits trying out the paddle boards.

Big grins Studland Bay

Studland water

Sandcastles Studland

M took advantage of the calmer waters and kept daring himself to wade further and further into the freezing water. He didn’t stray too far before the temptation of an ice cream lured him back onto the sand to join me on a walk to the ice cream booth. Our last two trips to Studland were rounded off with hot chocolates to warm us up, so it was nice to be enjoying an ice cream instead. The ice creams at the ice cream booth attached to the main cafe at Knoll Bay are reasonably priced and bonus, they take card! Which was a nice relief as I’d forgotten to take any cash, as I knew I didn’t need it for the car park as National Trust members are able to park for free.

Studland Bay smiles

shell Studland Bay

The ice creams hit the spot and gave M a  bonus burst of energy to practice his cartwheels on the sand. M has really started perfecting various gymnastic moves lately and it is really nice to see him focus and practice something repeatedly as his concentration usually doesn’t last too long. But as he grows he is really interested in being strong and healthy, which is a thing we are doing our best to nurture as well as we can.

Hand Stand Studland

With it approaching dinner time we decided to pack up our beach gear and head home. Studland Bay is only about a 45 minute drive from us, which could be shorter if we took the Chain Ferry to Poole, but unfortunately it wasn’t running.

We’ve promised ourselves that we will definitely visit Studland Bay again this Summer and enjoy some water-sports there.

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  1. More Than Words Reply

    The water looks amazing and I just love that last picture of M flipping around! You mamas are looking so great. I’m super proud of all your hard work to live as healthy a life as possible. Good for you!

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