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The great thing about Camp Bestival is that it is definitely a family festival. There is something to do, no matter how old you are. We were a little concerned M would be a bit young for a lot of activities, but we needn’t have worried as there was plenty to keep him occupied. We were really lucky to be camping near some fab people with children of various ages, which helped with entertainment back at the campsite. We highly recommend either camping with friends, or making friends with your neighbours as this helps take the pressure of when trying to have a five minute break back at your tent.


Each year, Camp Bestival has a theme. This year’s was The Circus, which meant lots of children running around dressed as clowns, a few wagons made up to look like lion cages and a really fun area with juggling clubs, hula hoops and diabolos. M loved this area, he didn’t quite master juggling, but he didn’t let that stop him. It was perfectly located outside the Jam Jar Bar. Which meant we could enjoy a nice drink whilst we helped M jump through a hula hoop.


I totally didn’t hover in the circus area so that I could show off with my Diabolo skills *ahem*.

A great area nearby was also the toddlers zone, a lovely little cordoned off section with some messy play, a trampoline and bouncy dinosaurs. One of my favourite moments from the whole festival was sitting in a tiny circus tent with M whilst he counted from 1 to 10 from a book, I was enjoying the moment so much I didn’t even reach for my video camera!

If you fancied taking on the crowds outside the Castle stage, Mr Tumble was a great act to watch. He was a familiar face for M, got him dancing and really knew how to handle the audience. We didn’t catch many of the children’s acts on the stages or in various tents, as M liked to be on the move most of the time. Although he was great during the music acts we stopped to watch. Watching M dance to Johnny Marr will always be in my top ten favourite M moments.


The Dingly Dell was a really lovely break from all the hustle and bustle of the festival. Situated in the woods, the Dingly Dell was home to several different spaces for the family to play, learn and get muddy. Sadly we didn’t visit it until late on Sunday, so most of the activities had closed. M loved the park and quickly climbed and swung and slid, all with the help of Sian’s lovely daughters. M was a big fan of the slide, which was quite a fast one, luckily Biba helped him down. We had a quick visit to the 50 Things Meadow, hosted by the National Trust. M ticked off plant a seed, saw some creepy crawlies and was so close to making a clay face on a log, but couldn’t quite bring himself to put his hands in the big clay buckets.





The Lower Kids Garden was another favourite of ours, not only because it was home to some delicious Churros. It offered so much to see and do. We caught some of a performance by the fab Insect Circus, played in a giant sand filled boat, played with Duplo, ran through painted cardboard boxes and slid down a giant helter skelter. We really wanted to take M on the gorgeous carousel, but he kept saying no and we didn’t want to get him on it, only for him to have a rubbish time. There’s always next year.




A few minutes away from the Lower Kids Garden, was the fab Piriton Sneeze Free Garden, which offered some fab toys for little ones to entertain themselves with whilst the grown ups could relax on a comfy bean bag.



If you really run out of ideas, WHICH YOU WON’T…. then I’m sure your children will just make up their own games. We had mini break dancing, leap frog and push you down on the floor and help you back up games with Fi’s lovely little ones.



Check out what we thought about the food at Camp Bestival.

*We are very kindly provided with a family pass to the event.

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  1. Fi Reply

    Love this! I want to go back NOW! Lovely photos – and so true, something for all ages including the grown-ups!

  2. Kara Reply

    We adored Mr Tumble and that photo is fab! M looks like he had a blast and it was so lovely to see you. We must catch up soon xx

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    I have never really thought that I would like Bestival but you are really selling it to me- that photo of Mr Tumble is AMAZING! x

  4. Lauren Reply

    Your photos…seriously…they are the best ones you’ve ever taken I think. I love the first photo, although who is that big boy in the middle?! Surely not your baby!! He looks so so grown up and so cool.
    It’s lovely to see/read about the activities put on for children. Such a fab post.
    And the Mr Tumble photo….wow!! xx

  5. mygorgboys Reply

    Definitely agree that you would be hard pushed to run out of things to do at Camp Bestival! Love your photos (esp Mr T!) xxx

  6. Annie, Fable & Folk Reply

    Love this – there’s so much to do for kids there isn’t there? We aren’t Mr Tumble fans so we made the most of the Dingly Dell being a ghost town whilst he was on. Super photos !

  7. WifeMumStudentBum Reply

    Wow this looks great. What fantastic photos you have as well. Lovely xxx

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