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Dinner times in our house vary considerably depending on what day of the week it is. As we both work full time we are fully aware that dinner time should be one of the best times for us to gather together, be it the living room or dining room and enjoy time talking over a family meal. Except our weeks are busy and sometimes a meal is eaten during a Lego build or in a blanket den in M’s bedroom, or sometimes in the back of the car if we are on our way to visit family.

We do our best to be present at each mealtime, but families who work full time will know that there are only so many hours in the day and sometimes chores and general life can get in the way of us all sitting down together to eat. A lot of the time Clara and I will eat once M goes to bed.

McCain Smiles

McCain recently undertook a study that revealed that 49% of Brits do not feel popular culture portrays the reality of modern day family life, 84% of Brits cannot recall seeing anything in popular culture that featured a family like their own in the last six months and 45% of Brits think more needs to be done to show the reality of everyday family life in popular culture.

We fully stand behind their findings as we feel there is a severe lack of representation of our “regular family meals” in the media. We are lead to believe that all families sit down each evening with no smartphones, no TV and sit eating everything without issue. The old school among us may feel this should be the case too. But some of our best meals have been unconventional.

Last week M and Clara had spent an hour building an awesome blanket fort. M decided it was his mini home and requested he eat his dinner in it. Now M is not the best eater at times, so the fact that he had even requested dinner was something I wanted to encourage, so I set about making his favourite picky tea and took it to him beneath his blanket den. Within minutes Clara, myself and Beau were under the blankets with him, sharing in his excited chat about the episode of Pokemon he was watching on his “home cinema” (our iPad) and he very quickly cleared his plate (something he rarely does).
McCain is calling time on the lack of representation of real families in 2017 popular culture with the launch of its ‘We Are Family campaign’.

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As part of its ‘We Are Family’ campaign, McCain has partnered with the National Portrait Gallery to celebrate real modern families – no filters, no stereotypes, just the joyful reality of families through the lens of mealtimes.

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Our dinner times are certainly free of filters. If it’s an evening where we make it to the dinner table you will usually find M bouncing around in between mouthfuls, Beau begging for us to drop our dinner for him to catch and C and I attempting to get M to talk about his day. Spotify is usually playing Andy and the Odd Socks whilst the washing machine and tumble dryer work hard to catch up on the weeks to do list.

The ‘We Are Family campaign’ campaign culminates in the first ever display of everyday people at the National Portrait Gallery from 20th September for two weeks.

McCain and the National Portrait Gallery are looking for families from across the UK to put themselves forward to be considered to feature in the ‘We Are Family’ National Portrait Gallery display which will be shot by the critically acclaimed professional photographer Sian Davey.
Post a picture or video of your family at teatime to McCain’s Facebook page and tell us them what makes your family wonderfully unique. You could win the once in a lifetime opportunity for your family to be professionally photographed and featured in a display at the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London.

Plus eight runners’ up will win £100 to spend in a supermarket of your choice. Full T&Cs are available via the McCain Facebook page.
What does your family dinner time look like? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to know we’re not the only ones that don’t stop play for dinner.

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  1. More Than Words Reply

    I LOVE that you all ate dinner in M’s mini tent! I’m sure it’s a meal he won’t soon forget! My wife and I were just talking about our hectic lives as working moms. We discussed feeling guilty that we’re always rushing Grace to the next thing that needs to be done in the evenings. We get home and make a mad dash to start dinner while juggling the duties of pumping for the baby while helping to get Gracie’s homework done before we eat. Then we eat as quickly as possible (while often watching cartoons) because it’s bath time… then we feed the animals… do dishes… do the laundry that’s needed for the next day… dinner clean up…bedtime routine, etc. and this doesn’t include the nights Grace has soccer or swim school. As an American, I can say with certainty that I don’t see this reality reflected in any family TV shows we have here. I wish it was and I love the idea of the ‘We Are Family campaign’!

    In my most recent blog post I have a picture of what our family dinner time looks like, baby sitting on the table while we eat and all, haha!

    • Just me Kirsty Reply

      I know right! (sorry logged in as my personal account). It is one crazy busy life and our families are never seen on TV. I want to see a mum bribing her child to eat his marmite on toast in the 5 minutes between brushing his teeth and getting his school shoes on!

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