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On the 25th October I will be embarking on a journey of a lifetime, as I leave behind my family and home comforts to trek across the Himalayan Mountains with 99 other inspirational fundraisers to raise £3000 for CoppaFeel! This grueling trek will take me upward of 2,400 ft above sea level, trekking for 5 days, over 8 hours a day, walking approximately 50+ miles in varying climates. It’s safe to say that this amazing adventure will push my body and mind to its limit.

With only 5 months until we jet-off to embark on this journey, it is now time to step up my training, which is why I have teamed up with the Thinking Slimmer team, who offer a medically tested and clinically proven series of Neuro Linguistic Programmes, consisting of voice recordings and online video coaching to help you take control of your eating habits and lifestyle choices, called the Slimpod. I am also delighted to announce that Thinking Slimmer will be an Official sponsor of My Two Mums over the following 6 months.

The Slimpod, which was recently featured on the popular weight loss programme ‘How to Lose Weight Well’ on Channel 4, offers the listener a series of 9 minute recordings, of which you are encouraged to listen to in a calm and relaxed environment, taking you away from those everyday stresses. Ideally these should be listened to whilst you drift off to sleep, allowing you take it in through your subconscious. The science behind the Slimpod is to train your brain to form healthy eating habits and help you step away from those high sugar and highly concentrated fatty snacks. They also encourage you to visualise the body you want and where you would like to be towards the end of the programme.

Tomorrow, I will be starting ‘The Ultimate 12-week Transformation’ as a Slimpod Gold member. Throughout the 12-week programme I will have access to:

·         3 behaviour-changing downloads, including the unique ‘beat sugar’ pod. (Slimpod, 2019)

·         Hours of expert video coaching. (Slimpod, 2019)

·         Full support from a trained team of professionals. (Slimpod, 2019)

·         Access to the private Facebook Group. (Slimpod, 2019)

·         Over 100 healthy eating recipes.” (Slimpod, 2019)

Having already lost over 7 stone over the past 5 years, I am no stranger to following diet plans. I am also no stranger to exercise and keeping my body fit, so I am not daunted by the prospect of the training and fitness programme awaiting me in the next 12 weeks, however, since my mind has reversed back into old habits resulting in an 18lb weight gain over 14 months, I am now once again a slave to fizzy drinks and convenience snacks, so I am hoping the Slimpod can help me beat these addictions once and for all.

I am going to set myself some realistic goals and be as open and honest as I can with you all over the next 12 weeks. I’m sure there are going to be some low moments but I hope the motivation to push through these will help me to smash these goals. Those of you who follow me over on my personal Instagram @claranotclara may have seen I have recently lost a family member whom I loved very dearly and am currently battling through my grief, which is something I have little experience of. So this may be a bit of a rocky start.

I will be posting an update on the here every two weeks, including my fitness schedule and exercises, my eating plans and also an update on my emotional well-being. Kirsty will also be taking on this 12 week challenge with me. We’ll be encouraging and supporting each other along this journey. Kirsty is my rock and I am so excited to see K’s progress. You can follow our journey on Instagram @mytwomums . If you would like to know more about the Slimpod, you can follow them on Instagram also @thinkingslimmer

Thinking Slimmer goals

This is an unpaid partnership, however, Thinking Slimmer have kindly offered a donation towards my personal fundraising goal, which has been sent directly to the charity CoppaFeel!

If you would like to offer a donation please follow the link to my personal Everyday Hero fundraising page, any donation is greatly appreciated and helps to save lives. We are also running a raffle to win a weekend Family Camping ticket to Camp Bestival 2019, with over £800! Tickets cost just £3 and the winner will be drawn on 30th June 2019. Please contact us directly or comment below if you wish to enter and we shall arrange the entry with you directly. 

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