#AD – Thinking Slimmer- My 14 week update

This post is a little later than originally planned due to starting my PGCE, which for those of you who don’t know what this means, I have began a teacher training course. Which has got me super busy and studying all day long. I am loving it and trying to fit in my day to day around it.

So my evenings are occupied with being a busy mum and lesson planning and my weekends are full of training for my epic Himalayan adventure with CoppaFeel! later this month. 

Needless to say, I’ve taken on a lot in a very short space of time, but I am happy to report, that thanks to Thinking Slimmer, I haven’t gained a lb amidst all that stress.

My goal loss during the 12 week Slimpod Gold Programme, which ended on 23rd September, was to lose a total of 14lb. 

So did I hit my original target?

Not quite, and I’ll tell you why that is. 

Over the past 7 years whilst I’ve been on this journey to perfect health and the perfect body, I set myself unrealistic goals, with this being no exception. Though, thanks to my Slimpod, I have won a very long battle with my own head. 

Back in 2011, just before I became pregnant with the little dude, I weighed in at around 18 stone and I was miserable and needed to make serious changes. 

In 2017 I weighed in at 9 stone 10lbs, and believe it or not, I was miserable. I hated my new body and I became obsessed with calorie counting and extreme exercise to the point of utter exhaustion. 

Today I weigh 11 stone exactly and I’m happy. At first I didn’t like that number glaring up at me and I was focussed on the number itself, as opposed to my mental well-being. 

As the weeks went by and I continued to listen to the Slimpod Gold, my mind started to change and I realised that this is not a diet. This is not about numbers. It’s about finding a healthy lifestyle and being happy in yourself. I truly believe that if you are happy in your mind the rest will follow and I simply didn’t want to return to the 2017 me. 

If you asked me honestly, would you like to lose that extra 7lb? The answer would of course be yes, it’s the middle place between my lowest weight and my weight at the start of my Slimpod Gold Programme. However, in a matter of days I’m about to take on the challenge of my life and this moment in time is not about losing extra weight, it’s about mental and physical fitness. Which for me, has never been better, because I’ve put the weight loss Demons to rest with the help of Thinking Slimmer. 

I’ve been getting outdoors a lot more and I can now easily walk 10 miles in 3 hours, which is ideal for this trek and I’m about to tackle some of the large inclines in our county to prepare me for the steeper aspects of the trek and I really look forward to my walks each week.

I will continue to listen to my Slimpod most nights to help keep me on track with my training and I will write an update on my fitness progress just before the trek. 

If you are struggling with finding that happy place, then Slimpod might be your answer. It’s so simple to follow.

Each night you listen to a series of pods, which aim to change the way you think about food and fitness through your subconscious, which really worked for me. There are also a series of videos to watch at varying stages, which strengthen the impact of the pods and put the programme into perspective. You’ll also have access to recipes and an online support group, where you can seek advice or talk with other people who listen to the Slimpod. 

The Slimpod Gold 12 week programme is not a diet, it will not give you a quick weight loss fix, as these do not work. The pods will work on changing your lifestyle and your connection with what you think are “bad foods” and help you make lasting changes to your life. 

Of course, all of this information is based solely on my own experience over the past 14 weeks, so you may want to visit Thinking Slimmer via their website for more information or you can follow them on social media before making your final decision.

Thinking Slimmer have donated a fee to my fundraising for CoppaFeel in return for a 12 week Slimpod Gold programme.

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  1. Emily Reply

    You started a PGCE that is awesome! Having done one I cannot believe you are fitting in all of this extra stuff and still staying strong trying to reach your personal slimming targets. It’s February now but I’d still say – keep it up and hope that 2nd placement is going well 🙂

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