Adventures closer to home

This year we decided to make it our mission to save money without it impacting our lifestyle too much. We are huge lovers of being outdoors and packing a picnic for an adventure somewhere, but we found out last year that a lot of our extra spends came from travelling, coffee shops and car park fees.

We are lucky enough to live in the middle of a beautiful County with so much to see and do, from woodlands to beaches and National Trust properties. This gives us the perfect opportunity to explore our local attractions and enjoy some adventures closer to home.

family new adventures
Clara New adventures
Stone skimming adventures
Stone explorer adventures

Our first local adventure kicked off our year perfectly. On New Years Day we popped the puppy and M into the car for a trip to Lulworth Cove. If you ever find yourself in Dorset with nothing to do, a trip to Lulworth Cove, rain or shine, is a great adventure.

Beau grin adventures
beach adventures
into the sea adventures
M and Beau adventures
M by the sea adventures

It was so refreshing to walk along the shore, watching Clara and M skim stones, whilst Beau raced up and down the chalky slopes. I felt it cleared my head almost instantly and felt great to see M smile as he skimmed his stone the furthest (read as made his stone create the biggest splash).

Paddling adventures
Mama and M adventures
Clara and M adventures
big smiles from M adventures

Sometimes it is easy to miss what is right in front of you. But we all agreed that our mission will be to spend quality time in the County we love the best.

We’ve also been practicing more time for us as both as family and individually. With super busy plans ahead of us this year, we’ve both been quite quiet on the blog and social media and to be honest it has felt great. But we will be back sharing when we can, as we still love sharing our adventures as a family.

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