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Last month the lovely people at GoPro started their search to find Britain’s Most Adventurous Family within the parent blogging community. We were selected to see how adventurous we could be with a GoPro Hero3+ and a series of mounts. I like to think we are pretty adventurous all the time. So we didn’t get up to anything that we wouldn’t normally do, except maybe climb a mountain, we don’t make a habit of doing that, although we feel we’ve been bitten by the mountain climbing bug.


snowdon train wales

I tried to convince Clara to complete her life long ambition of jumping out of a plane, but we were limited by a time frame, so watch out for that future footage on our YouTube channel. I also wasn’t allowed to send our two year old son abseiling or caving, but I’m confident he will have mastered these by his third birthday. Something the GoPro really inspired us to do was look at life through the eyes of our son. Some of our favourite footage we captured is of his own mini adventure. He may be only two, but boy does he know how to have fun. His confidence amazes me and the way he takes on challenges is incredibly inspiring. The Junior Chesty allows your child to wear the GoPro as they march forward towards what every exciting moment lays ahead of them.

softplay pool pit

We’ve been able to capture all our adventures in full 1080-60 Superview, which has left us with some fantastic family videos to remember our Summer of 2014. I know as our son grows our adventures will too, I’m so happy we have such a fantastic camera to capture them on.

It’s been great to capture gorgeous 12MP images of our adventures as well. We’ve made use of the camera,time-lapse and photo-burst features with very different results. I’m quite pleased with how my funfair time-lapse photo developed.

gopro timelapse funfair

moors valley park

swimming pool


Trying to edit down a couple of weeks of adventures into a 4 minute video was a challenge in itself. But I’m a bit of a geek and loved using the GoPro editing software to get the best from our footage. We hope you love our video, we’ve really loved creating it.

*We were sent a GoPro Hero 3+ and a serious of mounts to take part in a series of challenges

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  1. PippaD Reply

    Such a great time! I love how versatile the GoPro is, you really showed what it can do and you can really see how much fun you all had.

  2. Jess@AlongCameCherry Reply

    Matt has a GoPro as he drifts cars, he never lets me use it but I’ve been saying for ages that we should use it on our days out! The photos taken with this are amazing! x

  3. Lauren Reply

    This is fantastic! I love how you’ve shown the different ways you can use a Go Pro and how you’ve shown that they are suitable whether you are climbing a mountain or sliding into a ball pond!
    Great editing too
    Now I want one even more x

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  5. Laura Hitchcock Reply

    Brilliant – so much fun! The fairground time-lapse is beautiful and your mountain climbing alongside your little man’s clambering on his own mountain at soft play made me laugh 🙂

  6. chantelle hazelden Reply

    Looks amazing. I think something like this encourages you to be more adventurous x

  7. Cariemay Reply

    Those are some incredible shots – after playing with a life proof case on my phone this summer I’ve got serious hankerings towards a go pro and I love the idea of putting it on one of the children and seeing what they come back with!

  8. Clare Mansell Reply

    I’m LOVING what you shot with the gopro. It’s got me kick-started with making short films again (I have edited one today!) Thanks for the inspiration…

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