Always time for the beach

The last few weeks have been just one big blur of busy. Pretty much everyone has been sick with some sort of virus and we are packing up cardboard boxes again as we stand on the cusp of another house move. We think it is important to find time to get outside and enjoy some family time, so last weekend we took a couple of hours out of our busy day to visit Weymouth beach with friends.

It was cold and windy and required hot chocolate to warm us up, but vital minutes were spent on the sand soaking in the vibes only the coast can provide. I really feel at ease in two places more than any other locations and that is on the beach and in the woods. Being near water and the woods makes me relax, which is why I love living where we do.

chilly beach smiles

We are also lucky to have made some great friends who love Dorset for exactly the same reasons we do. Bonus is our boys get on so well and humour us all when we want pictures despite it blowing an artic gale!

chilly beach trip

Our beach visit was also quite a spur of the moment thing, so I only had one camera charged for our day out, which was our GoPro Hero 4. Which meant all the images in this post were taken on the GoPro and to be honest I love them. It may not be everyone’s still camera of choice, but I like the way it captures our constantly on the go family. Plus I can record video and grab stills of those moments when the boys won’t stay still.

chilly beach stone skimming

Where do you go when you want to relax? Are you a book on the sofa kind of person or a stroll along the sand lover?

Photos taken on the GoPro HERO4 SILVER (affiliate link) using the GoPro 3 Way Mount Tripod for Camera

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  1. More Than Words Reply

    Hi Mamas! Kristin here! It’s been forever, hasn’t it?! I’m loving catching up on your blog and wanted to say – these pictures are beautiful!

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