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This week we have a lovely lady who is quite new to our blog feed. We have followed her posts for a few months now and have been enjoying her fabulous photography of her gorgeous little boys.

Amber is a blogger and photographer based in London. Goblin Child is her space to document the growth of her baby twins, share what they’ve been wearing and write about the joys and frustrations of being a LGBT parent.

When people learn that I have children in a same-sex relationship, nine times out of ten they’re curious as to a) how they were conceived and b) how we decided who would carry them. I’m happy to be asked;same-sex families still aren’t particularly common and it is fascinating, at least to me. Or perhaps I just like to talk about my family.

The short answers: a) IVF and b) we had always known that I would carry the pregnancy so when we hit the ‘go’ button on fertility treatment, there was never any discussion as to who would be sticking the needles in one’s abdomen.

I have always wanted the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, whereas the mere idea gives Kirsty horrors. On the other hand, she very much wanted to stay at home with our children. This suited me perfectly as, whilst I have fantasies of flouncing about in a billowing skirt, teaching the boys to grow sunflowers and write haiku, in actual fact I would just be hanging about on Twitter whilst they ran feral. Kirsty, with qualifications in early education (not to mention a personality far more suited to dealing with the whims of tiny tyrants) was by far the better woman for the job.

We were fortunate that the first cycle of IVF worked – perhaps a little too well! – and our fraternal boy twins were born at 38 weeks gestation in October.

Motherhood has been surprisingly easy. We have been incredibly fortunate in having two such jolly babies and that, in addition to Kirsty staying at home to raise them, I was also able to take three months of maternity leave. It’s been lovely to have such an expanse of time in which to find our feet as a family of five (we also have a little dog).

goblin child

People tend to assume that now that we have had two children, the baby-making shop is shut. This isn’t necessarily true. Twelve weeks on from the birth of the first two, we’re already broody. We’d like to give the boys a little sister but another son would be just as welcome. People also assume that because I carried the first pregnancy, Kirsty will carry the next. Also not true. We have had such a wonderful experience the first time that we don’t feel the need to change anything for the second.

All in all, we feel incredibly lucky. Admittedly it’s early days but the past year has been the best one of my life. Some days I have to pinch myself in order to believe that this isn’t a dream, that I really am ten years on in a relationship with my childhood sweetheart, that we have children together and a dog and a future. It all seems a bit too magical to be believed.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I always love to read about different family dynamics and Amber’s family seems to work really well. Another great installment to Monday’s Modern Families x

  2. Goblin Child Reply

    Thank you so much for featuring me/us. Love this series and it’s an honour to be included in it.

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    I loved reading about Amber’s family, their blog is fast becoming one of my favourites. x

  4. Mornapiper Reply

    What a lovely post! It’s refreshing to read such a positive spin on early motherhood – especially with twins 🙂

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