and then he was 1

Last month our Me and Mine family portrait was our last “official” Me and Mine family picture with M as a 0yr old. It’s been a very busy month, we went on our first family holiday and also planned a 1st birthday party, where M got to eat his first birthday cake.
Me and mine - July
We decided to take our Family photo in Bournemouth after we visited the aquarium. M was really tired, he’d opened lots of presents, eaten lots of cake and had squealed at lots of fish. So please excuse his slightly grumpy look, we had just taken him out of his push chair to take the picture.

Me and mine - July

It was a fantastic day, where we made lots of memories and it’s great that we have a picture taken on the day, of us as a family of our 1 year old. After surviving being parents for a whole year.

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  1. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Ahh, that’s a lovely story. And so sweet that it’s your first official family photo with a one year old.
    Congratulations a on your first year as parents. It’s an amazing year and I think the birthday celebrations are as much for the parents as the child, if not more. I’m glad you had a lovely birthday day out together. x

  2. Capture by Lucy Reply

    3 for the price of one! I love them all! We’ll be just along the beach from you at the end of August! Hut 1256 at Southbourne if you are on the beach! xx

  3. Lauren Reply

    Awwww this is my favourite photo so far. Look at those smiles other than M of course, but it’s his birthday and he can be grumpy if he wants to, and I think he’s just rocking a catalogue “look out to sea” pose. You both look so proud and so so happy. xx

  4. katie Reply

    Lovely photo – i lived in Bournemouth for 3 years so it holds a special place in my heart 🙂 x

  5. SAHMlovingit Reply

    Happy Birthday to M again. Even if he was a bit grumpy it’s still a great picture of the 3 of you and it’s memories like this that make Me and Mine so fab. Besides, squealed at fish must be exhausting 😉 x

  6. nic@nipitinthebud Reply

    an extra special Me and Mine for you this month then :o)
    Before you know it you’ll be posting December’s and wondering how much M can have changed in just 6 months. The leap from 1 year to 18 months has been phenomenal with E and having a walking, nattering boy is quite something. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy x

  7. Carie Reply

    He’s utterly gorgeous even when grumpy, and it’s such a special photo, congratulations on the first year as a little family of three!

  8. Emily Beale Reply

    Time certainly flies – just watch him now he’s hit one, wow he’s going to astound you! They say that the first year is the fastest year of growth, but walking, running, talking, personality, skills – this next year he’s going to fly! Great portrait Mummas! #Me&Mine

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  10. Kara Reply

    I love the pic. As you said on my blog at least you will remember why he looks a little moody. As it was a majorly busy special day. I think he looks sultry more than moody and still super handsome x

  11. Becky Reply

    This is lush!
    When I first read that I read ‘squashed lots of fish’ I was wondering what kind of aquarium that was! Then I realised I just need to go to Specsavers 😉

  12. Chloe Reply

    All of your photos this month are amazing. I can’t pick a favourite. So many milestones too, what a great month for your family!

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