and then there were four

I knew the time would come when we would grow our family, but to be honest I didn’t expect it to be so soon. M is now very much an independent little boy who can keep himself busy when he wants to and manage small tasks around the house like making his own drink or grabbing his own snacks. His 5th birthday is just around the corner and we are finally looking at a proper little school boy that can hold long conversations and pose interesting questions at tea time.

We hadn’t planned on adding to our family this year, but the opportunity arose. So in the space of 24 hours we went from three to four. Our newest addition Beau is a handsome 14 week old Cockapoo from a local breeder.

We’ve all instantly fallen in love and have become new members of the dog club. Everywhere we’ve been with him we’ve been stopped as strangers cooed over him and asked lots of questions. Then our evening was spent taking turns with toilet training and cuddles. It really is like having a new baby in the house.

and then there were four my two mums

It’s all happened super fast and we really couldn’t be happier. We’ve wanted to add a dog to our family for quite a long time but kept giving ourselves reasons we couldn’t. I’m glad we finally have a new little furry boy in the house as seeing M race round the garden with Beau is such a delightful sight.

a boy and his dog

Bo the cockapoo

m and Bo

I am sure there will be many updates as he grows, so do follow us on instagram if you love puppy spam. If you are not a fan of dogs I can only apologise for this an all future posts, he’s part of the My Two Mums family now, so he’s a vital part of our blog and we can’t to share all his adventures.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    He is the cutest! I am looking forward to lots of puppy spam! x

  2. LesBeMums Reply

    Oh wow. He is the absolute cutest, and what a lovely breed. A lovely temperament, especially for M. Looking forward to all the puppy spam and following your adventures.

  3. Mrs TeePot Reply

    Oh he’s beautiful! Hope the training is going well, we had a loooong slog toilet training TiLi, and trying to teach her to sleep through the night!

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