Baba + Boo Cloth Nappies – Review

During C’s pregnancy I was constantly searching for funky easy to use cloth nappies that wouldn’t break the bank. I was under strict orders from C, that any cloth nappies we bought had to be comfortable and fuss free.

We discovered Baba + Boo via someone we knew on Facebook. We were then lucky enough to find them on twitter. I was instantly in love with all the fab funky designs Baba + Boo had on offer.

Baba + Boo Cloth Nappies - Review -

One Friday we joined in with #nappyvino a great twitter party that encourages you to sit back relax and talk cloth nappies on twitter (vino optional). I asked lots of questions and got some fab answers and was lucky enough to be offered a cloth nappies starter kit to review.

When our delivery arrived I was like a kid at Christmas. Our fantastic starter kit included several cloth nappies in funky designs, inserts, wet bag and a nappy bin for soiled nappies. We decided to try the nappies once Monkey was about 11 weeks old as we wanted to get used to being mums first.

On my first attempt I was a little bit stumped by the inserts. I had seen so many different types of cloth nappies, I was confused on how best to place the inserts. After a few helpful tweets from Eve at Baba + Boo, things were much clearer.

Once we’d figured out the poppers, Monkey was ready to roll. His bum was so big and cute and fluffy! C was worried it was too big and uncomfortable. But he didn’t grumble so we took that as a good thing. The only issue we had was trying to get his vest and baby grow to do up over his new enlarged bum.

Less than 5 minutes in his nappy and he was being taken out of it again due to something stinky. I had dreaded this part. But it really wasn’t too bad. I took the inserts out, used a few cheeky wipes for excess stink and popped the nappy in the bin provided.

We are still gradually introducing cloth into our lives slowly. Each time we use a cloth nappy it makes me feel good that we are sending one less nappy to a landfill.

Because Baba + Boo sell their nappies at such fab prices you can easily build your stash at a gradual rate until you have enough to make a full switch. Baba + Boo nappies are funky and easy to use plus so so soft. The quality of each nappy is really good and I can even see the nappies lasting until the next baby, as long as we look after them well.

We were sent a Cloth Nappy starter kit for the purpose of this review. All views are our own.

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  1. K-Shizzle Reply

    Oooh, I’ll have to try those out. We’re recent cloth nappy converts, and are working our way through different makes and styles – hadn’t heard of these though!

  2. Susanne@babyhuddle Reply

    Baba and Boo are my number one brand- I have them all! They are the only nappies we use for overnight too 🙂

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