Baby MumMum Organic Rice Biscuits – Review

A week ago a little parcel came through the door. The parcel contained some lovely Organic rice biscuits from Baby MumMum.

The little box contained 4 samples. 3 Samples were an original flavoured organic rice biscuit aimed at 6 months + and the other sample was a strawberry flavoured rice biscuit aimed at 18 months +.

Those of you who regularly read our blog or follow us on twitter, will know our baby is not due until the start of August so all taste testing is being undertaken by myself and Clara. Now we know we are not the target audience but we love our snacks so feel suitable enough candidates to review this product.
The first sample we tried was the original flavour biscuit made with organic japonica rice. The biscuit has a very short ingredients list which is always a good sign as we don’t want to be feeding our little one lots of additives and things we can’t pronounce. The only ingredient that worried us was sugar. Even though it’s organic sugar, we will be making sure our baby doesn’t get too much in their diet. But as an occasional snack we couldn’t see this being an issue.

At first taste I was instantly reminded of baby rusks. I have no idea what they taste like these days, but they remind me of the flavour they were back when I was a kid. There was a nice delicate taste to the biscuit and it was a pleasant texture, not too crunchy and not too soft. Clara said the taste reminded her of rice Krispies minus the sugar. Having two in the pack was a bonus as it meant we both got one. But it also would be plenty if out somewhere and wanting to give your little one a snack.

The second Baby MumMum snack was a strawberry flavoured organic rice biscuit. The first thing we noticed was the really sweet smell. It was almost slightly sickly, but I’m not a huge sweet fan.

This time the taste was rice with a hint of strawberry. The flavour of the strawberry was much stronger if you licked the top of the biscuit. Which of course I did, as I’m sure that’s what a child would do. I was a bit worried that this would be too sweet for us to give to our little one, but as an occasional treat I’m sure it’d be fine.
Overall we were very happy with the snacks. They were nice and small enough to be carried in the changing bag and did not have any nasty after tastes which you sometimes get with rice biscuit products. We could possibly see ourselves buying these once our little one was old enough.
*we received these samples for free

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