Baby’s 1st Christmas – 2012

Now that Christmas is officially over, the tree’s back in its bag and all the presents have homes, we finally have time to sit down and recall everything that happened during our gorgeous baby’s 1st Christmas.

When we first had Monkey, most people told us he wouldn’t even notice anything at Christmas. But this couldn’t have been far enough from the truth. He was incredibly alert and loved all the Christmas prep and could definitely sense the growing excitement from both of us.

Our Christmas celebrations started on Christmas Eve with a gathering at C’s parents house for dinner and the exchanging of gifts. We had decided to split Christmas across different days. Christmas Day was spent just the three of us and then Boxing Day was spent with my parents, sister and her family.

We dressed Monkey up in his Santa’s little helper outfit and prepared to do 90% of his present opening for him. But he had other ideas, once he saw the shiny paper, his little fingers started grabbing and ripping until he was grasping a toy or a book. His little face as he unwrapped each present, was one of pure curiosity.

By the end of the evening we were already wondering where we were going to home his new toys. This was before even opening his presents from us and other family members. He certainly is a very lucky little boy.

Our first Christmas present tradition was carried out on Christmas Eve. Monkey opened two presents, one was a pair of pyjamas and the other a dressing gown. We want our children to wake up each morning in a nice new pair of pyjamas to start the day off well.

Christmas morning we were lucky enough to be in bed until 9am. We made the most of this as we imagine next year we won’t be as lucky. In the night, Santa had put Monkey’s presents into his sack and put them right in the middle of the living room so he could see them when he entered the room. We carried him in to the living room and his little face lit up. I wanted a picture of Monkey next to his presents, but he wasn’t sitting up on his own yet so C placed him in front of his toys and moved her hand away for a couple of seconds so I could take the picture. We were over the moon when we realised he was sitting up on his own unaided for the first time ever.

We couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing Christmas Day. We didn’t have to prepare any Christmas lunch as we’d decided just to have something easy to make, so that we’d have more time to play with Monkey. We watched lots of Christmas films and played with lots of toys. Both of us agreed it was the best Christmas Day we’d had so far.

Boxing Day was spent with my family at my sisters house. More food was consumed, more presents were opened and Monkey got to play with his beautiful big cousin. I love watching Monkey interact with his grandparents as he’s so different which each of them, I like how each family member seems to offer him a different experience of closeness.

We’ve already started thinking about next Christmas as we want to spread the cost of Christmas a bit more and make it special without going too crazy. We were successful enough to pull off a lovely Christmas in 2012, lets hope 2013 is even better.


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