Babywearing Week – 2012

C and I knew before Monkey was born that we’d like to babywear with him. We even reviewed a Kari Me sling we’d purchased, that we were eager to use. Little did we know that we would both decide that babywearing was our favourite way to transport Monkey.

Babywearing Week - 2012 -

The slings we use are stretchy and incredibly comfortable, Monkey falls asleep almost every time he’s in his sling. We decided on a wrap type sling as it allowed us to feel close to Monkey and he is able to sit in a seated position to help his little hips stay in a comfortable position.

Babywearing has proved to be a big conversation starter. It once took me 20 minutes to walk through a shopping centre as I kept getting stopped by people asking about the sling. We haven’t had any negative reactions so far, but people have been known to stare. I like to think it’s because my boy is so adorable.

Babywearing Week - 2012 -

There have been many occasions that we have resorted to placing Monkey in his sling at home just to settle him. As he gets bigger I am starting to think he recognises the sling when I get it out as he seems to visibly relax. My favourite reason for babywearing is being able to shower my boy with kisses and chatter gently with him whilst out and about. If I had him in a pushchair I’d have to keep stopping and I’d never get anywhere.

We know babywearing isn’t for everyone, but we think everyone should try it once. You may end up loving it like us.


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  2. Lara Crisp (@LittleMagicBean) Reply

    Very cute! Definitely will get this or similar for no 2. Have the baby bjorn and although was relatively useful when she was very little I would have prefered something more snug and comfy. He looks very chilled out!

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