Back to School – Year Three

The back to school hustle and bustle seems a distant memory as I sit down to write this post. Our lives are packed full of studying, volunteering, new jobs and new after school activities. We haven’t got round to updating the blog in a while and life is whizzing past at a crazy rate. But I’ve always loved having a place to look back at our family moments, so I felt it was time I made an effort to fit writing back into my day.

This year M entered Key Stage 2, which felt like a whole new milestone for him. He was excited to get back to school to share all his Summer adventures with his friends and was keen to see what new after school activities he could join.

M back to school

Clara also headed back to school this year as she begins a new career as a Drama Teacher. She’s got a long hard year ahead of her as she studies all she needs to be the best teacher she can be, but I am confident she will be fantastic.

back to school Mummy

This change in our lives has meant our routine has had to change. M and I no longer use the car, which means we are getting to walk more (play more pokemon Go), and also use the village bus. Which Beau has been a huge fan of as he gets to sit and look down on all the dogs we pass.

back to school with Mama

The little dude is not looking so little anymore, he even got mistaken for being in Year 6 the other day. But his year is quite a tall year, so he fits right in among his classmates. Home learning has increased, which is more a test for us than for him. Fitting in daily spelling and times table practice is proving a challenge for all of us. But it has been reaping results as M passed his first spelling test with 100%.

back to school

M still wants to be a Marine Biologist and is keen to make sure our Earth is taken care of. His wit is growing every day and I love his energy. He’s also very vocal on what we can and can’t share about him. Which is why he may feature less and less on our blog. But we want to respect his wishes as it’s his digital history. But this blog is called My Two Mums, so we will still share our lives and experiences and will hopefully one day get M to write his own blog post on what it’s like to have two mums.

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