Back to School – Year Two

Just like that another Summer is over, the shops are full of Halloween goodies and our little dude bounced his way back to school into Year 2. This year is the year more independent learning is encouraged and is also the year M takes his SATS. We expect a lot of changes in M this year.

When M went back to school in Year one we thought he looked so little still against the rest of the school. But over the year he seemed to go through some major growth changes both mentally and physically. By the end of Year one his reading had progressed so well, his writing was neater than mine and he had certainly grown used to the routine and rules of school. He well and truly smashed Year one, in our eyes, so that’s all that counts right?!

Back to Year 2
Back to School Year 2

This year M seems more settled with school than the last two years. We’ve also relaxed a little and realised he needs to grow a bit more in his own way and learn how to deal with situations he encounters. Without us both throwing off our nice mum cloaks to reveal mama bears ready to protect their cub from any meanies. Don’t get me wrong, we still totally have our little dude’s back as soon as we need to, but we also realise now he totally has the tools to deal with certain situations whilst still recognising we are there when he needs us.

Big smiles Mummy and M

Mummy and M back to school

We’ve also both decided we need to be more involved with his school events and activities. Both to help him have fond memories of school and also for us to get to know more people in town. So far so good as we’ve enjoyed the extra activities we’ve been involved with at the end of last term and start of this term.

Big Smiles with Mama

back to school flossing

In keeping with our tradition we started last year, I asked M the 4 questions I asked him when he started Year One and was interested to see not a huge amount has changed.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A marine biologist

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite fruit?


What’s your favourite thing to watch on the TV?

On YouTube it’s Brave Wilderness (same as last year), Film is Free Willy and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

back to school hug

Cool for School

A big grin for school

back to school bag

We are really excited to see how M gets on in Year Two. We know he will do his best no matter what.

What tips do you have for getting the best out of Year Two? Any sites we should be visiting to help M with his home learning? Let us know in the comments below.

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