Bagging a Bargain

It was an incredibly early start this morning, but as we woke up as sad as it sounds it felt a bit like Christmas.

We were off to the Baby Show at the Excel to try and get a pushchair fit for our prince or princess. We didn’t realise how easy the journey would prove to be, which meant we arrived a little earlier than planned. This proved to be a bonus as it meant the show had not started to get crowded.

Our first problem was deciding which way to head once we entered the hall. Did we want to get the pushchair out the way? Or find some freebies or check out the stage for the talks.

We decided to just enjoy, go with the flow and browse. Our first find we fell in love with were these cute little bouncy animals.
But considering the fact that Button won’t even be able to use it until 2013, we resisted the urge to buy one. We have put them on the list of potential 1st birthday presents.

The best freebie of the day had to have been from Phillips Avent. just for filling in a short form we received some DVDs about breastfeeding and two cute little dummies. We haven’t decided if we will use dummies yet, but at least now we have two in case we do.

After an hour of browsing we took advantage of the Emma’s Diary drinks & seating area. I am currently suffering with a terrible cold and with Clara adjusting to the extra bump out front, it was nice to have a little sit down.

Then it was time to see something we’d been really looking forward to.
The One Born Every Minute midwives. We got our front row seats and enjoyed how down to earth and lovely they were. They certainly put Clara at ease with some of their stories.

With the fun things complete and freebies nabbed, it was time to bag ourselves the biggest bargain of the day. Our little bundles pushchair and accessories. We had originally decided on the iCandy. But due to the price we decided to explore other ideas. This is when we discovered the Oyster by Babystyle. We located a retailer who was offering a package, did some number crunching and boom we ordered our little bumps first set of wheels.

It was an awesome bargain, saved us about £100.

We will definitely be going back to the Baby Show in October once Button’s here.

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  1. S And L Reply

    Love it! We’re currently enjoying wedding fairs and I’m really looking forward to when we can go to the baby fairs! Looks like you had a fab day out 🙂
    S&L x

    • MytwoMums Reply

      It was brilliant. Sadly I was suffering with a horrible cold and Clara gets tired really easily now but we still loved it. Can’t wait to go to one once the Lil Monkey is with us 🙂 I remember all the wedding fairs we went to. I wasn’t a fan though I think Clara liked them.

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