Bakers Days Letterbox Cake – Review

When we received an email from Baker Days, asking if we’d like to review one of their Letterbox Cakes, I loudly exclaimed, In the voice of Marjorie Doors from Little Britain “oh I love a bit of cake….CAKE!”. Though I’m on a health kick this year so I wouldn’t exclaim it quite as loud, if I were to receive that email now.

Not wanting to except a review just on the basis that we love a bit of cake, we popped Baker Days into google and had a gander at their website. Straight away I was impressed with the premise of the Letterbox cake, they claimed to be able to make a cake with an image and message of your choice and then post it to you or someone you want to eat cake.

C was concerned that if the cake arrived whilst we weren’t home, it would hit the floor and smoosh into lots of crumbly pieces. Wanted to except the challenge of discovering if this was the case and also to eat a bit of cake we responded with a resounding “Yes Please”.

We emailed over a picture of Monkey we’d recently taken and awaited the arrival. A few days later, a small package dropped through our letterbox and we eagerly opened it to discover a small round cake tin, a little card and a Christmas cracker. We’d gone for a picture of Monkey dressed as an Elf and loved the Christmas theme they’d gone with as it was a nice touch.

Bakers Days Letterbox Cake - Review -

The cake was delivered in one piece, secure inside the tin, wrapped in a plastic style material. The image on the cake was so much better than we expected. As you can see by the pictures it’s really clear to see its Monkey as its not pixelated too badly.

We cut the cake into four and tried a slice each. We had chosen the chocolate cake, even though C is not much of a fan of chocolate cake, we both agreed it was delicious and moist. The cake was polished off in two nights. I even ate the icing on my second slice and I don’t like icing. Our only issue was neither of us wanted to eat Monkey’s head.

Bakers Days Letterbox Cake - Review

The Letterbox cakes come in different sizes with different options for which type of cake you want. Check out the Baker Days website to view all the available options. We could definitely see ourselves ordering cakes for friends and family who don’t live nearby. It’s kind of like a Moonpig for foodies.


*we were sent a small letterbox cake for free to review. All views are our own.


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