Bank Holiday fun at Farmer Palmers

As the weather was so lovely last weekend, C decided it would be a great idea to visit Farmer Palmers. We asked our mums, my little niece and C’s little brother to join us on M’s first trip to a farm.


Bank Holiday fun at Farmer Palmers -

Farmer Palmers is only 20 minutes from us, so we allowed ourselves a relaxing morning at home, hoping it would allow us to miss the morning rush. We were glad we did, as when we arrived we had to park in the overflow car park and queue for just a small amount of time to get it. As M is under 3 he got in for free and everyone else cost £7.95 each, we thought this was a little steep for the children as they were only 8 and 10, but after spending a full fun packed day at the farm the price seemed reasonable.

As both C and I have coffee loving mothers, our first stop was the cafe, which houses the Softplay area. We made several trips to the Softplay and they even had an area suitable for M, which he loved. They also have a handy CCTV cam, so you can watch the older children playing whilst you sit in the cafe.


Bank Holiday fun at Farmer Palmers -

The next fun area allowed me to get in on the action. A large hay barn houses lots of slides of various sizes. If I had to choose a piece of playground apparatus that’s my favourite, it would be the slide. Monkey doesn’t have my love for them yet, but I’m working on it. J and A loved the slides and raced off in different directions, whilst they attempted to find the fastest slide . M was very brave and let me take him on a medium sized slide, we only had a few tears at the bottom.

Once we’d got well and truly covered in hay it was time to go pet some animals. The Farm is set out really well so that even if the older children run off to see the animals int the furthest pens, you can still see them from the first few pens. Both J and A were smitten with feeding grass to some horses, they spent most of their time there whilst we gently angered round the rest of the pens.


Bank Holiday fun at Farmer Palmers -

Along with Softplay, a bouncy castle, hay barn, and a couple of other play areas, the farm also have an itinerary of events that occur throughout the day. We were lucky enough to feed lambs, pet guinea pigs and pose with Alan the Owl. We highly recommend the lamb feeding, it was such a fun experience.


Bank Holiday fun at Farmer Palmers -

There was also plenty of space for M to show off his walking skills to his Nanna. We took along a picnic to save money, but we sampled the farms ice cream and hot chocolates. It could be a pricey day if you all ate at the farm as well.

We had such a lovely day and are already making plans to visit again. We just hope we get to experience it with similar weather. M had such a fun day and was certainly ready for bed by the time it was time to leave.


Bank Holiday fun at Farmer Palmers -


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  1. Hannah Reply

    It looks like you had a lovely day out! Those slides look fun 🙂

    Wonderful photos.
    Hannah xx

  2. Xandi | The Mummy Scripts Reply

    What a fantastic day out! Nothing like visiting a farm, especially when the weather is lovely. We are actually off to one today, hoping the weather will be kind! beautiful pics by the way, love the owl one! 🙂

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